Iron City Rifle Works Aluminum M-LOK Angled Foregrip

Iron City Rifle Works Aluminum M-LOK Angled Foregrip

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  • Ultra-lightweight low-profile angled foregrip that assist you with indexing their support hand
  • Can be mounted on the bottom or either side in a forward or reverse direction
  • Compatible with M-LOK rail system
  • Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.95 oz.
  • Width: 0.6"
  • Length:& 4"
  • Height: 1"


  • All M-LOK systems


  • 1x Iron City Rifle Works Aluminum M-LOK Angled Foregrip
  • 2x M-LOK Nuts
  • 2x Socket Cap Screws


Granted, there are like a bazillion foregrips out there to choose from, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Just take a step back and think about what you really need a foregrip for, what do you need it to do? You need control, a reference point for hand positioning, and it to not get in the way. That’s really about it. When you start talking about lights, lasers, and storage when it comes to a foregrip, do you know what I think? Let's see I think I don’t want to carry all that extra weight, and I don’t want something that’ going to hang up on everything. And, I don’t think you want any of that either. If your goal is a fast deployable weapon, that’s lean and mean and is going to burn up the range, what you want is the Iron City Rifle Works Angled Foregrip.

Iron City Rifle Works& Aluminum Angled Foregrip: Go for More with Less

This M-LOK angled foregrip is virtually indestructible and securely attaches to your M-LOK rail. The& Iron City Rifle Works Angled Foregrip presents a low-profile that will not get in your way or hang up on your gear at the wrong time. This aluminum angled foregrip was designed for the M-LOK rail and it’s reversible, therefore, will provide for either a push or pull style of shooting. Consequently, you get the benefit of an aluminum angled foregrip and a handstop in one component. Do you compete in the three-gun races? Well, in this one unit you get a reference point for your support hand, control of your weapon, and a barricade stop with just one M-LOK angled foregrip. It is made in the U.S.A., that’s a win-win.

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4 Reviews

  • Perfect

    Posted by Arthur’s Armoire on 3rd Feb 2019

    This AFG from Ascend Armory was the perfect fit for me. It’s being used on the micro K conversion for the CZ Scorpion, so there were very few options that fit the hand guard. Aesthetically and ergonomically I could not be happier.

  • Aluminum foregrip

    Posted by shawn groff on 30th Jan 2019

    Nice and slim, great for short barreled rifles. I put mine on my Sig Sauer Rattler MCX. I think it would be better classified as a hand stop but good product.

  • Best small AFG

    Posted by Anson on 7th Jan 2019

    I have a pistol build and need an AFG. It also only has 2 MLOK slots between the upper and the picatinny at the end. This was the only one I found that fit, and stayed secure. Super comfortable.

  • AA Angled Foregrip.

    Posted by Nyel on 25th Sep 2018

    I purchased the black model and it is a high quality piece. I use it as a finger stop for a 10” pistol. It is minimalistic which is nice for a change. Aesthetically pleasing too!

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