Armaspec AR15 Build Kit (No FCG & Grip)

Armaspec AR15 Build Kit (No FCG & Grip)

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  • Includes Armaspec Enhanced Lower Parts
  • Compatible with most AR-15 lowers
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • AR-15 lower receiver


Note: This is “NOT” a complete lower parts kit. This is a builder’s kit. This Kit does not include the Pistol Grip, Pistol Grip Screw and Washer, Trigger and Hammer, Trigger and Hammer Springs, Disconnect, Disconnect Spring, Trigger Guard and Roll Pin.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the volume of tiny parts that need to be collected before you can assemble an AR-15. You can buy parts kits, but then there’s the inevitable guilt you have when you want something specific that’s not included in anyone’s AR15 Build Kit. You’ve invested enough in this rifle that you can’t quite look your kids in the eye already. Now, you’re going to put new parts on the shelf and buy upgrades before you’ve even finished the beast? There’s a better way. Choose a quality Lower parts kit from a manufacturer you can trust. Armaspec’s Gun Builder’s Lower Parts Kit less Trigger Group and Grip comes chock full of high-end parts but leaves out those you’d rather choose individually for your dream rifle.

Nothing Left to Chance

Armaspec assembles their Gun Builder’s AR15 Parts kit with American made “upgrade” quality parts so you can put together the perfect lower receiver no matter which trigger you want. This AR15 parts kit includes Armaspec’s Anti-Walk Hammer and Trigger Pins and well as their Enhanced Magazine Release Button and Enhanced Takedown and Pivot Pin Set.

Now Give It a Custom Touch

Since you’ve got most of the parts you need in one place, now you’re free to choose the Fire Control Group, Trigger Guard and Grip that will really make this one fit. When you use an Armaspec AR15 Build Kit you have the freedom to build the weapon you want without excess hassle or armorer’s remorse.

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4 Reviews

  • Great value

    Posted by Luke Oechsner on 4th Apr 2018

    I used this on my first AR build and was exactly what i was looking for especially with the ambi selector switch.

  • Great for building and replacement parts!

    Posted by CenTexShadow on 4th Jan 2018

    I've built a few AR's now and this kit has the best value for the money. I read the review about the detent pins being real hard to get the take down pins to slide - personally, all the ones I install I lube and file down the rough edges on the detent pins.
    This helps A LOT, until they get broken in.
    The value is impressive since the 45/90 ambi-selector runs near the price of this whole kit. You just can't beat it. Wish I'd known about these in the beginning!

  • Good lower parts kit, no issues

    Posted by Joseph Wilkerson (Certified Armorer) on 25th Oct 2017

    This is a very high quality lower parts kit. I didn't have any issues with the takedown pins like the other person. Everything fits perfectly on my lower (Noveske Gen3 lower and upper). First of all, lots of people will pay extra for the nice and tight fit. In my opinion, fit tight is always better than fit loose. Second, it takes time for new parts to break in. Last, if it fits "too tight", most of the time its because the upper and lower don't align perfectly, not the takedown pins.

  • Takedown Pins suck

    Posted by Josiah Burk on 18th Oct 2017

    A majority of your parts went in fine and function as they should, however, you NEED to fix your takedown pins! Once installed, they are completely locked in place, front pin will only move with a whole lot of rem oil and plyer pulling, rear might as well be cemented in place. I do believe it is the size of the detent that is causing the issue, very frustrating…

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