Bullet Button Reloaded Patriot Mag Release

Bullet Button Reloaded Patriot Mag Release

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  • Will not release the magazine unless the upper receiver lifted upwards
  • Fits any standard AR-15

**The Patriot Mag Release has been approved by California Department of Justice (CA DOJ). As of January 1, 2017, CA DOJ defined "disassembly of the firearm action" means the fire control assembly is detached from the action in such a way that the action has been interrupted and will not function. For example, disassembling the action on a two part receiver, like that on an AR-15 style firearm, would require the rear take down pin to be removed, the upper receiver lifted upwards and away from the lower receiver using the front pivot pin as the fulcrum, before the magazine may be removed.

See DOJ Letter here - Please refer to page 3 line item "n"

Do not use this Patriot Mag Release with a magazine larger than 10 rounds capacity. Please VERIFY operation is correct before tapping the disk into the hole.


When you are looking for a fixed magazine release for your AR platform rifle you may find just what you’re looking for in the Bullet Button Reloaded (BBR) Patriot Mag Release. This Patriot Mag Release is a drop in replacement mag release that releases the magazine from your AR platform rifle only when the action is in an “open” disassembled position. Simply put, when correctly assembled, the BBR will not operate when your rifle is fully assembled. When you pull the takedown pin and separate your upper, the Mag release functions as intended.

The Bullet Button Reloaded Patriot Mag Release is furnished with the main body of the BBR, a replacement release spring, center nut, small steel disc, an Allen wrench and a set screw. The set screw is included to help with depth issues that may need to be addressed in some uppers but is not needed in most cases. While a new button spring is included for those who may need it, most existing springs will also work with the BBR assembly.

The Bullet Button Reloaded Patriot Mag Release is made of high-quality machined steel and finished in a durable Mil-Spec black coating that will hold up under regular use and blend in flawlessly with your rifle’s standard finishes.

**The Bullet Button Reloaded Patriot Mag Release might not work with some Ambi Mag Release. Please verify operation before proceeding.

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