Primary Weapons Systems Ratchet Lock Castle Nut and End Plate Set

Primary Weapons Systems Ratchet Lock Castle Nut and End Plate Set

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  • Integrated QD mount
  • Compatible with both Mil-Spec & commercial buffer tubes
  • Eliminates the need for staking


  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight:
    • Ratchet Lock Castle Nut: 0.55 oz.
    • QD End Plate: 0.6 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


  • 1x PWS Ratchet Lock Castle Nut
  • 1x PWS QD End Plate


Most of us are guilty of a false belief that for something to be important it needs to be big and flashy. We all fall under the spell of a hot new manufacturer or succumb to the wiles of the do-hickey of the month now and then. The fact is that evolution isn’t just something that happens in big leaps. Sometimes it’s a small change that gives you a new leg up on the game. Primary Weapons Systems understands that. When they say they believe in strength through evolution, they’re talking about the whole package, not just the big expensive components. Case in point: The PWS Ratchet Lock Castle Nut and End Plate Set. Yes, it’s just a castle nut and end plate. It’s a pretty simple combination, yet the Ratchet Lock Castle Nut raises the bar in buffer tube attachment.

Primary Weapons Ratcheting Castle Nut: No More Staking

The Primary Weapons Systems Ratchet Lock Castle Nut and End Plate Set allows the armorer to attach either commercial type or Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes to your weapon system without the pain-in-the-neck of staking. Yes, it’s secure, and guess what PWS created this option considering the possibility that you might want or need to change a buffer tube before your weapon deadline. You’re not married to the installation and it won’t require you to destroy anything to get it apart. You might even do it without any colorful language.

The end plate includes and integrated QD mounting point for your sling swivel so you can get hooked up and get on with it. Is it a huge thing? That depends on how bad you need it today. Is it an evolution? Definitely. Why do we need it? Because It's Time we stop suffering over the small stuff and evolve.

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24 Reviews

  • Primary arms ratchet lock castle nut system.

    Posted by Earl on 23rd May 2020

    Very good castle nut and endplate set. Easy to install, I will use these again on my next build.


    Posted by Royland on 4th May 2020

    No staking of the castle nut makes installation and removal so much easier. Wing Tactical always got parts in stock and they ship fast and cheaper than the others.

  • Pws

    Posted by Victor on 27th Apr 2020

    This item is great no need for staking if and the added qd mount is just a bonus!

  • pws ratchet lock castle nut

    Posted by Joshua on 8th Apr 2020

    The best castle nut around. This is all I use now for a solid fit without staking!

  • PWS Ratchet Lock Castle Nut &End Plate

    Posted by Roy on 7th Apr 2020

    Shipping was fast. Functions as it was designed for. Easy on and off.

  • Easy Peasy

    Posted by Gary on 9th Mar 2020

    My first build, I was slightly intimidated by torquing and staking of the castle nut. Who knows, is it 40 ft. lbs or 40 inch lbs., LOL. Anyhow, this ratcheting castle nut eliminated any trepidation I had. It's a but pricey, but for my first build, it was worth it. I just spun it on and tightened it good and snug. It's not backing off.

  • Primary Weapon System Ratchet Lock & Castle Nut & End Plate

    Posted by James L. on 20th Feb 2020

    Primary Weapon System Ratchet Lock is a whole lot best then staking you castle nut and you can take it off and on, and it looks better on your rifle.

  • Ratchet lock castle nut and end plate

    Posted by Roger Burns on 29th Sep 2019

    Works great no more steaking the castle nut

  • Easy

    Posted by Dan Upchurch on 9th Sep 2019

    easy to install and works great

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