Strike Industries Viper Stock MOD 1

Strike Industries Viper Stock MOD 1

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MPN: Viper-ES-MOD1


  • Drop-in replacement for factory collapsible buttstock
  • QD sling sockets integrated on both sides in positions for optimum usage
  • Build-in cheek weld
  • Compatible with Strike Industries Viper Stock Rubber Buttpad (optional)
  • Easy to replace and quick to install
  • Fits all Mil-Spec buffer tubes
  • Aggressive look
  • Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth  body with Black, Blue, or Red QD socket.


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 6.35 oz.
  • Length: 7.47"
  • Width: 1.74"
  • Height: 4.42"


  • AR-15 and AR-10 with Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube


Strike Industries Viper Stock Mod 1



The Strike Industries Viper Stock is made for the AR-15 platforms and will fit on all Mil-Spec dimension receiver extension tubes. The Viper Mod 1 Stock is designed to meet the needs of military professionals and civilian firearm users across the nation. This buttstock has received several upgrades to make it more useful to the firearm operator.

Th Strike Industries Viper Stock has been redesigned to achieve a lighter and a more compact design. The Viper buttstock slides onto existing Mil-Spec buffer tubes for a quick and easy replacement of a factory buttstock. The integrated enhanced cheek weld helps ensure a proper position when using your rifle.

Strike Industries Viper Stock Is Designed For Warfighter

The build-in QD sockets enable you to attach a QD sling on whichever side you prefer. The unique design of this stock makes it easier to use even when wearing body armor. The Viper stock is suitable for shooters of all backgrounds, from military personnel to law enforcement officers to civilian shooters. A well-configured firearm will be a welcome companion when faced with potential threats. If you choose a well-made stock to upgrade your AR platform, you won’t regret your decision.

The Strike Industries Viper Stock (MOD 1) comes in: Black, Black / Red Line, Flat Dark Earth and Flat Dark Earth / Red Line.

About Strike Industries:

Strike Industries has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality firearm accessories and parts since 2011. The current CEO is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and possesses a wealth of real-world knowledge concerning small arms and effective weapon systems. His experience is invaluable to the continuing success of Strike. All the parts manufactured by the company are tested to ensure their functionality to the user. Strike will never manufacture parts that they would not use themselves.


Wing Tactical Takes Your Needs Seriously

We don’t handle parts that don’t work in the real world. When you choose a buttstock part like the Strike Industries Viper Stock, you can be sure that it will work in any situation that you might encounter.

The Viper stock features identical left and right profiles. Whoever operates the system, it’s attached to gets a solid anchor and an even cheek weld, whether they shoot from the left or right. Likewise, multiple quick detach swivel sockets make it easy to adapt your weapon for different operators, even in the field.

If the Strike Industries Viper Stock isn’t your cup of tea, we have a large variety of stocks to fit both Mil-Spec and commercial type buffer tubes. Pick a lightweight, collapsible stock or one with a little more meat on its bones. If you don’t need the freedom of ambidextrous design, maybe you’d like a stock with a dedicated cheek piece. Wing Tactical has a quality part to fill whatever need you have.

Wing Tactical is on Your Team

Wing Tactical is a veteran-owned company staffed by gun people who consider it is their mission to serve the firearms community with the best customer service in the business. We select only the best products so that you can skip wading through the junk looking for components that you can count on. Whether you’re a military operator, a law enforcement professional, or an amateur armorer building a home defense rifle, we know that there may come a time when your life depends on the products we sell. When you contact us, the person who answers the phone will speak your language. We’re here to help, not to upsell you on junk you don’t need.

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22 Reviews

  • I Love This Stock .

    Posted by Miguel on 3rd Aug 2020

    Thanks Wing Tactical, The Only Place I Find This Stock And Very Fast Shipping.
    First I bought in Ar15 Discount Now No More The Take A Week To Send You You Item.

  • Good minimalist

    Posted by Nick on 29th Jul 2020

    Great small stock for a minimalist build.

  • Thanks

    Posted by James on 30th Apr 2020

    Awesome product! thanks

  • SI viper stock mod 1

    Posted by brian on 27th Apr 2020

    I like the design but it was loose on the SI receiver extension buffer tube. I had to use some duck tape on the buffer tube to make it tight.

  • Great stock

    Posted by Jesse on 29th Feb 2020

    Very durable , lightweight and gives a custom look to the rifle , QD is great. Stock is very comfortable with the angled bottom , would definitely recommend

  • Viper Stock Mod 1

    Posted by Randon on 27th Jan 2020

    Huge improvement from stock. Less movement in the stock and feels good shouldered. Looks great as well. Plan on getting the additional rubber pad for an even better feel.

  • Viper Stock Mod 1

    Posted by Randon on 27th Jan 2020

    Huge improvement from stock. Less movement in the stock and feels good shouldered. Looks great as well. Plan on getting the additional rubber pad for an even better feel.

  • You can get better for less.

    Posted by Carlos on 12th Sep 2019

    You can get batter for less.

  • Great looking but...

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2018

    This stock looks great, and Im a big fan of Strike Industries, but they dropped the ball on this one. It fits extremely loose on a variety of buffer tubes, Including their own enhanced buffer. Also very slippery without the additional rubber butt pad. If you're looking for a minimalist stock, the MFT is a cut above for a similar price point.

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