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2A Armament Regulated Lightweight Bolt Carrier Group (RBC)

  • 2A Armament Regulated Lightweight Bolt Carrier Group
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2A Armament Regulated Lightweight Bolt Carrier Group (RBC)

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  • Super lightweight drop-in bolt carrier group
  • Built-in titanium gas regulating gate
  • Regulating gate can be adjusted from fully closed to full open with a T-6 Torx tool
  • Fully adjustable through the port door
  • Heat treated


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300BLK
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Finish: QPQ Nitride
  • Profile: Lightweight
  • Material:
    • Carrier: 8620 steel
    • Bolt:  9310 steel
    • Rear body:  7075-T6 aluminum (clear hard anodized)
    • Regulating gate: 6AL-4V titanium

2A Armament Regulated Bolt Carrier Group


2A Armament Regulated Bolt Carrier Group is a lightweight bolt carrier group designed to bring more to the party than just a simple mass reduction. This bolt carrier group features a built-in gas regulating gate which is easy to adjust in infinite increments between fully closed and completely open. Whatever combination of barrel length, springs, suppressors, and buffers you might have, the RBC can be easily tuned to allow proper operation while controlling the impulse felt by the shooter on firing. 

The 2A Armament RBC is a complete lightweight bolt carrier group that features a half-moon titanium regulating gate and locking screw instead of the needle valves other gas management devices use. Management is consistent, and there is no worry about a sticky valve not working properly. Simply set the gate so your AR operates properly and enjoy the reduction in recoil the lowered mass and gas management provide. Less motion, and felt impulse equals more accuracy every time you fire.

To adjust the gate, you simply loosen the locking screw with a T-6 Torx tool right through the AR’s ejection port, no need for special tools or tedious repeated breakdowns for tuning. 

The Regulated Bolt Carrier Group is a one-to-one replacement for a standard bolt carrier group that can be easily installed in any AR-15 build. It may be removed and dropped directly into a different rifle without issues. Changing back to a full mass carrier group isn't a problem because the RBC's gas management leaves the firearm with it.

2A Armament manufacturers their products in a state of the art machining facility located in Boise, Idaho. American materials, American ingenuity, and American craftsmen stand behind every 2A product. 

*The Regulated Bolt Carrier will not fix under-gassed firearms. The RBC is designed to reduce the amount of gas already in the system. It is imperative that the firearm be in fully working order before using the RBC. If your firearms will not function with a full weight carrier, it most likely will not function with the RBC.

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