Strike Industries Glock Striker Spring Combo Pack

Strike Industries Glock Striker Spring Combo Pack

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  • Four different springs allow user to fine tune their Glock's firing characteristics.
  • A single pack could also potentially outfit four different Glocks
  • Competition, standard and duty rated springs included


  • All Glock models except G42 and G43


  • 1x 4 lb. Striker Spring
  • 1x 4.5 lb. Striker Spring
  • 1x 5 lb. Striker Spring
  • 1x 6 lb. Striker Spring


Strike Industries Striker Spring Pack for Glock



Continuing their quest to bring improvement and innovation to the firearms industry through the improvement of small parts and accessories, Strike Industries offers Glock enthusiasts their Glock Striker Spring Pack.

This multiple Glock Striker spring pack includes four different Striker springs in a variety of weights for use in situations from competition and everyday use to a heavier, duty-rated spring.

Depending on your needs, you can team a lightweight 4 lb. spring with a variety of aftermarket components for a lightened competition response, or install a 6 lb. spring in a duty sidearm where you need to rely on a solid primer strike every time, but can give away a bit in trigger response. If you want something in between, 4.5 and 5 lb. Glock Striker Springs give you options to create the response you desire.

Glock OEM Striker springs are 5.5 lb., springs rated less than 5.5 lb. are not considered appropriate for duty and self-defense applications.

About Strike Industries:

Strike Industries is a company comprised of veteran shooters who have carved out a niche producing the best components for competitive shooters. Santa Ana, California, based Strike Industries is fully American owned and staffed. Strike has been a contributing member of the firearms community since 2011. Garrett Keller, Strike Industries’ CEO, is a retired Navy Aviation Systems Operator and Aviation Warfare Specialist. Keller and the rest of Strike’s craftsmen understand why you need a firearm that performs better than factory and Mil-Spec standards require.

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