Grey Ghost Precision Stripped Slide for Glock 43

Grey Ghost Precision Stripped Slide for Glock 43

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  • Built-in beaver tail design allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip
  • Aggressive texture of the grip surface allows for comfortable and reliable operation of the pistol
  • Available in Slide Pattern V1 (angled serrations) or V2 (diamond checkering)
  • Compatible with OEM parts and barrels
  • Made in the USA

**These are stripped slides and do not come with internal components and barrel.


  • Material: 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black, Copper/Bronze, Flat Dark Earth, Grey
  • Weight:
    • Version 1: 8.82 oz.
    • Version 2: 8.61 oz.
  • Width: 8.60"
  • Height: 0.844"
  • Length: 5.97"


  • Glock 43


The Glock 43 is arguably one of the finest concealed carry pistols available today. Now concealing a compact pistol is one thing, effectively using one is entirely another. While there are several things you can do to make the little 43 more efficient, one thing stands out. That thing is your Glock 43 slide. With practice, you can get used to triggers and sights. However, the slide is just there, and it does make a difference.

Don't Hate Yourself In The Morning

For many of us, a Grey Ghost Glock 43 custom slide is a significant investment. This is where I'm going to dwell on that word "custom." To me, that word means I have something special that I want and find not only value in but pleasure as well. Value and pleasure are built into every Grey Ghost Glock 43 custom slide.

It's A Cut Above The Rest.

How can a Glock 43 slide give you pleasure? Well, I guess only a shooter would call it a pleasure to cycle the custom slide of a pistol. They machine the Grey Ghost Glock 43 custom slide to tighter tolerances than the factory can manage. This attention to detail gives you a more accurate weapon. Additionally, the slide has some custom touches on its sides to make cycling easier. You choose either angled hash marks or diamond cut checkering to adorn your new Glock 43 slide. This texture is on the front and the rear of the slide. You get a positive grip to work that slide no matter how you want to do it. This custom slide is an investment that pays dividends every time you handle your Glock 43.

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