How to Prevent Firearm Rust

7th May 2021

Seeing a little rust on your pistol, rifle or shotgun? Many gun parts are made from metal, and metal rusts when exposed to things like moisture, oxygen, dust and human contact — even with anodizing and other protective coatings. You'll need to take proactive measures if you want to keep yours in check so your gun looks great and works when you need it.

5 Tips to Prevent Gun Rust

Guns are investments that will last for generations with proper care. If you want to keep rust from developing on your firearms, it's worth devoting a little time and money to the endeavor.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Risks

The first thing to consider is what not to do. Storing your guns in high-humidity climates and places with salty air will cause rust to form fast, as will constant handling. Scratches and other surface damage will also make your guns more susceptible to rusting. Make sure you thoroughly clean your guns before storing them, especially if you use them for hunting — blood is notorious for stripping bluing and causing firearm corrosion.

2. Think About Proper Storage

The second tip is to think about a safe place to store your guns where they won't develop rust. An affordable room-sized dehumidifier will help lower humidity levels, which is a good start. Products like gun bags and hard cases will offer some protection, and you can also keep them hidden from sight to prevent human contact.

If you use any materials to wrap or cover your guns, make sure they're clean and won't inadvertently cause more harm than good — for example, some textiles like towels retain moisture and can encourage rust. Gun socks made for firearm storage are often treated with silicone to prevent this.

3. Invest in a Quality Gun Safe

If it's in the budget, a gun safe is a perfect place to store your guns. With a gun safe, you won't have to deal with dust, oily hands, environmental changes and other rust-causing hazards, but you do need to monitor the inside. They're sometimes made from corrosion-causing materials and can trap humidity, potentially causing more harm than good. You can prevent this by investing in a quality product, using in-safe dehumidifiers and monitoring your humidity levels.

4. Clean and Lubricate Your Guns

Perhaps the best way to prevent firearm rust is to keep your guns clean and lubricated. Regular cleaning and lubrication is your first line of defense against corrosion. It keeps dirt, grime and dust off your guns and provides them with a protective anti-rust coating — especially if you're using a good product. A light coating of gun oil on steel surfaces will go a long way toward preventing rust.

Depending on your storage method and environment, guns need lubrication every one to three months. You should also give them the full treatment after every use.

5. Use Parts With the Right Coatings

These days, guns and aftermarket parts are available with a range of different coatings that come from the factory or can be applied by a gunsmith. They make parts look different, add extra durability and make a major contribution to preventing firearm rust. Modern gun coatings include:

  • Anodizing
  • Gun bluing
  • Parkerizing
  • Nickel boron
  • Ferritic nitrocarburizing
  • Quench polish quench (QPQ)
  • Cerakote and other bake-on paints

Protect Your Firearms From Corrosion

Taking care of your guns is responsible ownership, whether you're putting a firearm away for a few months or carry one every day. At Wing Tactical, we help you take care of them with a selection of premium gun lubricants and a massive selection of aftermarket parts with protective coatings.

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