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  • I received my order today (02/09/17). Magnificent service and super fast shipping :) I'm very happy with the good communication, prompt replies to my questions and for helping me out with my order. I would definably return to buy from you guys again. You really put the "WINGS" on shipping.

  • I initially placing an order from O---- P----- on 3/6... Then, while I was awaiting a shipping confirmation, I instead received an Order Status email which stated my items wouldn't ship for 24-36 business days!! I was then instantly reminded of why I hadn't ordered from them in a long time...because this exact thing happened the last time I placed an order with them.

    They list items as "in stock" on their website. Then two days after you place an order, they send you a status update that says they don't ACTUALLY have anything in stock and that the items will ship a month and a half out.

    As soon as I canceled the order from O---- P-----, I logged into Wing Tactical like I should have done in the first place and placed my order.

    What happens next??...Wing Tactical send me a shipping notification within 2 hours of placing my order...YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!

    Thank you for all you do.

    Jason Acheson
  • I stumbled across Wing while looking for new upgrades for my rifle, now it's the only place I shop. Excellent prices, cheap shipping, top notch service, and they support our troops and men and women in blue.

    Eric Christensen
  • I have ordered from your company twice in 2017. Both times my order was filled, shipped and delivered in less than three days. I have never gotten such awesome customer service from a company EVER. Keep up the good work, and you guys have become the first place I check for parts for my firearms.

    Bert Noble
  • I placed an order with them and later that night I noticed that I had forgot to add in a 10% coupon. I emailed them and they went back and added it and gave me a credit. Great CS and great parts. Totally recommend them!

    David Arnold
  • Big props to WT. I ordered a Strike Industries Shield EMP and had it in 2 days. I was not expecting it here that fast. Great job Wing Tactical, I will order from you guys again soon.

    Steven Castro
  • Prompt responses to emails. Great service and advice with questions pertaining to what products to use, etc. Seriously, order from Wing Tactical. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

    Greg Beals
  • Ordered on Sunday afternoon and received my parts on Wednesday morning. Fast delivery!

    Thomas Rawe
  • I asked Wing Tactical to modify my order after I got a shipping notification. They quickly pulled it before it got put on a truck and helped me out. Unheard of. Most company will say "sorry".

    Justin Ausloos
  • Ordered a few things recently from these guys and the customer service was better than or equal to the crayons I eat for breakfast everyday. Veteran company through and through.

    Amory Waston
  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Wing Tactical for the fast shipping, great customer service and great pricing. Not to mention great packaging. Two orders, no damage and some of the best packaging. Like how they packed my gas tube, ingenious and not a mark on it! Thank you and to anyone considering them, do it!

    Rico Derr