AR-15 Takedown Pins and Kits

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If you’re in search of high-quality AR-15 takedown pins (or a takedown kit), Wing Tactical is here to help. You’ll find every component you need for your custom AR build in our shop: from takedown pins to barrels and more.

Custom AR platform rifle with Leupold sights

AR-15 Takedown Pins and Kits

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the US, and its military versions have been used worldwide by law enforcement and militaries. One of the main reasons AR-15s are so popular is the ease of maintenance. AR-15s have an upper and lower receiver, which are held together by takedown pins. This makes it very easy to open the receivers for a field strip or maintenance quickly.

But, like other firearm components, takedown pins are subject to wear and tear. When it’s time to replace your AR-15 takedown pins, you’ll find the exact product you’re looking for in our collection.

Tyrant Designs AR-15 enhanced takedown pins

AR-15 Takedown Pins

The takedown pins hold the upper and lower receivers in place on an AR-15. Builders can replace them when they start to show signs of wear and tear, but they can also swap their takedown pins when they’re looking to add a splash of color to their build or switch to a California-compliant configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many takedown pins does an AR-15 have?

Any standard AR-15 has two takedown pins: one in the front of the receiver, called a pivot pin, and one in the rear. The pins are meant to hold the upper and lower receiver together, and standard Mil-Spec AR-15 takedown pins are made from steel and are coated in a phosphate finish.

Why use aftermarket AR-15 takedown pins?

Though takedown pins are a tiny part of the AR-15, upgrading them has certain advantages.

Typical production AR-15 pins are around .245" in diameter and flat on the ends. They operate in .250 pinholes, and items used to push the pins occasionally slide off and can scratch your lower receiver. Moreover, these pins can sometimes loosely fit and cause wobble between the receivers. In that case, you can get a pair of oversized takedown pins (around .248" in diameter), resulting in a better upper and lower receiver fit.

Some aftermarket takedown pins are also made from aluminum to save weight and may have extended ends allowing you to pull out the takedown pins with a tool or your hands.

What are dimpled takedown pins?

Many aftermarket takedown pins are made with dimples on one side designed to fit bullet tips or other takedown tools. This ensures that the bullet tips don't slide off the pin and scratch the receiver’s finish.

What are California-compliant takedown pins?

As we all know, California has some strict gun laws, and it can be challenging to own a standard AR-15 there. You either need a featureless AR-15 that doesn't have a pistol grip, or you need to install a magazine release that keeps a magazine fixed unless the receiver is opened. Some manufacturers in the market have made really cool rear takedown pins for AR-15s that allow the shooter to perform quick reloads on California-compliant AR-15s. These rear takedown pins are designed to separate the upper and lower receiver just enough that the magazine can be released.