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Wing Tactical is proud to offer a variety of bolt action rifle parts and accessories to today’s gunsmiths, hunters, competition shooters, and firearm enthusiasts. But we don’t just offer parts—our collection also features the highest quality bolt action rifle accessories on the small arms market.

Bolt Action Rifle Parts for Your Next Customization Project

Your rifle is a precision machine that should be kept in peak condition. That’s why Wing Tactical offers aftermarket bolt action rifle parts and custom accessories. Our selection is designed to provide you with everything needed to maintain or enhance your rifle's performance. We know that you seek out quality and durability when investing in tactical rifle accessories and parts, and that’s just what we deliver. Our comprehensive selection includes only products made by leading industry manufacturers like Timney, AB Arms, and a host of other brands.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeking out aftermarket rifle parts and custom rifle accessories only to come up empty in your search. At Wing Tactical, we deliver a huge selection of tactical rifle parts and accessories to save you that frustration.

Aero Precision SOLUS Completion Chassis for Remington 700

Modular Systems

When you’re looking to customize your rifle experience, we offer easy-to-assemble modular rifle systems with drop-in designs. Create the rifle you’ve always wanted by taking advantage of our selection of modular systems.

Triggertech 2-stage Remington 700 clone diamond trigger

2-Stage Triggers

Our selection of triggers allows you to maximize accuracy. Off-the-shelf rifles do just fine, but many of our customers want to enhance their shooting experience through aftermarket rifle parts like 2-stage triggers that promote comfortable shooting and accuracy.

Elfmann Tactical ELF Remington 700 precision rifle trigger

Straight Triggers

Find replacement triggers for the Remington 700 and other popular models in our collection. These drop-in design triggers are simple and straightforward to install. You’ll be back to shooting in no time flat.

Timney Savage Axis and Edge trigger with adjustable pull weight

Axis and Edge Triggers

Our selection of axis and edge triggers includes products that create enhanced, crisp trigger action from leading brands like Timney Triggers.

A Source for Hunters, Competition Shooters, Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, and More

Our philosophy is to offer only products that we would use ourselves, which certainly goes for our selection of custom bolt action rifle parts. Everything you find in our tactical rifle accessories section comes with the promise of quality, durability, and performance.

At Wing Tactical, our mission is to provide you with exceptional customer service, quality merchandise, and real value. A big part of our commitment to customer service is making sure you get what you want and that you’re pleased with your purchase. That’s why we offer 30-day returns with no obligation and next-day shipping that puts your tactical rifle accessories and parts into your hands as quickly as possible.

Browse our selection to find the tactical rifle parts you’ve been looking for. If you can’t find the part or accessory you need or have questions about the rifle parts that are right for you, contact us. We’d be glad to point you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a bolt action and a semi-automatic rifle?

Semi-automatic rifles (like AR platform rifles) eject a spent cartridge and feed and chamber a new round upon each trigger pull without shooters having to operate the action between discharges. On the other hand, bolt action rifles require manual action cycling — shooters must open their bolts and close them again to pick up another round from their magazines.

What are the parts of a bolt action rifle?

Bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles contain many of the same components: receivers, trigger groups, barrels, handguards, stocks, and (in many cases) accessory mounts. However, bolt action rifles also feature a manually operated bolt: a lever on the side of the receiver that shooters must lift up and pull back to eject a spent cartridge and push forward and pull down to chamber another round.

Why choose a bolt-action rifle?

There are a few reasons why some shooters choose bolt action rifles:

  • Superior stability – For high-precision shooting applications like long-range hunting, bolt action rifles provide additional stability during firing. While automatic action cycling in a semi-automatic weapon could cause the firearm to move (even minutely) during firing, bolt action rifles don’t perform cycling actions without manual intervention.
  • Simplicity – Bolt action rifles are relatively simple machines. First-time builders might build a bolt-action rifle before venturing into more complex semi-auto construction.
  • Hunting and competition shooting – For highly stationary shooting applications (like stand hunting or bench shooting), bolt action rifles provide the stability shooters need to hit their targets consistently.
  • Training and education – Since bolt action rifles are highly stable and simple, they’re an excellent choice for first-time shooters, youth hunters, and people looking to refine their shooting techniques.

Which bolt action rifle accessories are the most common?

Common bolt action rifle accessories include:

  • Sights and optics mounts
  • Slings and sling mounts
  • High-performance triggers
  • Bolt knobs

What is the most commonly used bolt action rifle?

While nearly countless manufacturers produce bolt action rifles today, the vast majority are based on one of four designs:

  • The Remington M-700
  • The Mauser
  • The Lee-Enfield
  • The Mosin-Nagant

The Remington M-700 is by far the most popular design today, and a significant portion of bolt action rifles are based on this design.