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Why Get An Aftermarket Slide For Your Glock 43

If you are a gun owner or have seen an action film, you're probably familiar with Glocks. They are among the most reliable and accurate polymer frame pistols in the world and are widely used by military and law enforcement agencies across the globe.

Most police officers and military personnel carry full-sized Glock 17s or the compact Glock 19s. Though these are the most popular pistols offered by Glock, they also make a wide range of other pistols suited for various applications. For instance, the Glock 43 is an excellent sub-compact pistol, ideal for concealed carry and self-defense.

Why Are Glocks So Popular?

Apart from exceptional accuracy, reliability, and performance, one of the main reasons why Glocks are so popular, especially in the civilian market, is their incredible aftermarket support. You can find upgrades for everything on the market, from barrels and slides to trigger groups and springs. This allows people to customize their pistols, best suit their applications, and fit their personality's aesthetics.

What Do Slides Do?

Today, we are focusing on Glock slides. Most modern semi-automatic pistols have two main parts; the frame and the slide. The frame houses the trigger group and other controls of the pistol, whereas the slide houses the barrel, firing pin, striker, and extractor.

When a striker-fired semi-auto pistol like a Glock is fired, the slide moves back under the block back pressure of the fired cartridge and cycles the gun. This means it extracts the spent casing, re-cocks the striker, and chambers a new round from the magazine.

Therefore, the slide is an essential component of any pistol.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Glock 43 Slides?

First, the original slide on the Glock 43 is fine. Glock 43 is a high-quality pistol with incredibly reliable OEM parts. However, that doesn't mean that using aftermarket slides cannot have advantages. Here are some reasons why you may want to use an aftermarket slide.

Performance And Accessibility

Changing your pistol's slide allows you to tweak its performance. For instance, lighter slides with lightning cuts and deep serrations can help your pistol operate faster, decrease its overall weight, and lower its recoil impulse. However, keep in mind that if the slide is too light, it may cause some reliability issues.

Moreover, one of the biggest reasons to use an aftermarket slide is compatibility with optics. This is especially the case with the Glock 43, a small-frame pistol that can be difficult to aim and shoot in a high-stress situation. Red dot sights are great for this, as they help shooters aim instantly and shoot more accurately. However, most old Glocks, like the gen 3 and Gen 4 models don't have optics cuts. You can get aftermarket slides for your Glock 43 that are compatible with a wide range of optics and micro red dot sights.


Another primary reason for upgrading your Glock 43 slide is aesthetics. Glocks are incredible pistols that make no compromise on performance. However, many people would agree that they aren't the best-looking pistols. These days, aftermarket G43 slides are available with various finishes. They are aesthetic cuts and serrations that can make your G43 stand out from the rest.



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