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Glock Magazines and Accessories

Nothing can rival the Glock perfection when it comes to striker-fired polymer pistols. Glock is known for making some of the best semi-automatic pistols for various applications.

Glocks are perhaps the most versatile pistols on the market; they are used by militaries and law enforcement as a duty pistol, people use them for concealed carry and personal defense, and with a few minor upgrades, it makes for an incredible competition shooting pistol as well.

Glocks are known to have some of the most reliable magazines. They are polymer magazines with reinforced metal walls for more reliability and durability in the field. Glock magazines have a standard design, and for the most part, are interchangeable between Glock models of the same caliber. Many manufacturers make Glock magazines and their accessories, which can increase magazine capacity or help with faster reloads.

What Upgrades Can You Make to Your Glock Magazines?

Glock magazines are pretty reliable, and though they have decent capacity, more rounds are always better, especially for self-defense and competition shooting. Therefore, magazine extensions are one of the most popular upgrades for Glock magazines. Some people also install custom base plates and grip extensions to their magazines.

Magazine Extensions

Magazine extensions serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they increase the magazine’s capacity by up to 5 rounds in some cases, depending on the size of the extension. Moreover, these magazine extensions are mostly designed to have a flush fit with the grip, so you can control the pistol more efficiently and use the larger surface area to grab the magazine more easily while performing reloads.

Custom Base Plates

Custom base plates are an excellent way to upgrade the aesthetics of your Glock. These base plates are available in a wide range of finishes and help you add different color accents to your competition Glock.

Grip Extensions

Grip extensions are great for small concealed carry Glock, like the Glock 26, 43x, or 48. These grip extensions are installed in place of the factory base plates, allowing shooters to place all fingers on the grip for better control while shooting.

What are California-Compliant Glock Magazines?

In California, any magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds is considered a high-capacity magazine, and its use is prohibited. Therefore, many manufacturers make California-compliant magazines for Glocks that normally hold more than 10 rounds. These magazines are designed to flush-fit in the magazine well but have a smaller capacity.



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