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AR-15 Handguards

Handguards and Rails

Whether you're building an AR-15 from scratch or upgrading a stock model, these unique, modular firearms offer ample customization opportunities with aftermarket parts and accessories. Since the handguard of your AR-15 serves as an attachment point for many other accessories, it's an excellent place to begin your upgrade.

The custom handguards and rails available at Wing Tactical can help you unlock the full potential of your AR-15 by giving you the opportunity to express yourself or install add-ons that optimize your gun's operation. 

Custom AR-15 Handguards and Rails

When it comes to upgrading the front end of an AR-15, the handguard and rail system can define a gun's look, feel and functionality. By customizing your gun with a new handguard, you can transform your firearm into something uniquely designed to fit your style or perform specific tasks.

As you browse our inventory, you'll find a wide range of handguards with different specifications, rail systems and styles. Whatever your preferences or functional requirements, you're sure to find an aftermarket handguard to meet your needs.

Types of Handguards and Rail Systems

There are two primary styles of mounting systems for handguards and rail systems — free-floating and drop-in. Drop-in handguards are the simpler of the two, held in place by the pressure of the handguard cap and the delta ring assembly. Free-floating handguards mount to the upper receiver and "float" around the barrel of your firearm without actually touching it. They offer a bit more stability and better accuracy than drop-ins.

Some handguards include rail systems that allow you to easily attach accessories and further customize your firearm. The three types of rail systems you'll find on handguards are:

  • Picatinny
  • M-LOK
  • KeyMod

Each mounting system and rail system has its own pros and cons. You'll want to do some research before deciding on which handguard you want to add to your custom AR-15.

Types of Handguardes

Available Handrail Parts and Accessories

At Wing Tactical, we maintain a huge inventory of the parts and accessories you need to upgrade your AR-15 or start a new, custom build from scratch, including a wide selection of handguards, rail systems and accessories. As you browse our collection, you'll find the following products and more:

  • Handguards
  • KeyMod rail sections
  • M-LOK rail sections
  • Sling attachments
  • Handstop kits
  • Rail covers
  • Light mounts
  • Bipod adapters
  • AR-15 Handguards FAQ

What's the difference between handguards vs. rails?

The primary difference between AR-15 handguards and rails is in their functionality. Handguards are simply designed to protect your hand from the heat generated by the barrel as you fire the gun, while rails offer attachment points for accessories. Many handguards feature rail systems, usually placing attachment points along their top, bottom or sides.

In short, most rail systems are on handguards, but not every handguard has a rail system.

How do I know which handguard or rail is right for me?

To choose the right handguard or rail for your AR-15, you'll need to consider several factors, including your budget, priorities and style. For example, drop-in handguards tend to be less expensive and easier to install, but they may not be stable enough for certain accessories. Additionally, some add-ons may only offer compatibility with one rail system, so choose between M-LOK, KeyMod, or Picatinny rails based on which accessories are most important to your build.

You'll want to shop around and learn the pros and cons of each option before you make a decision about which is the best match for your firearm.

Guarantees When You Buy From Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical is a company run by gun enthusiasts for gun enthusiasts. We're passionate about upgrading and customizing AR-15s, and we share that passion with you by offering an extensive inventory of the best parts available for this platform. Each product in our inventory is hand-picked by our team, and we don't stock anything we wouldn't be proud to use on our own personal firearms.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring you're satisfied with your transaction every time you shop with Wing Tactical. As part of our satisfaction guarantee, we offer the following:

  • Fast shipping: To get you your products as quickly as possible, we ship most orders on the same day they're placed.
  • Hassle-free returns: Our 30-day return policy allows you to return most unused items with no restocking fee and no questions asked.
  • LEO/military discounts: We offer a military, LEO and first responder discount program to thank the courageous heroes who protect us every day.

If you're ready to begin customizing your AR-15 with a new handguard or rail system, you've come to the right place. Browse our inventory to check out your options, and contact our team if you have any questions.