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Enhance your AR with a .22 LR complete upper assembly, combining precision and versatility for a superior shooting experience. Experience the best of both worlds with Wing Tactical.

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Unlock the Potential of a .22 Upper

Explore our selection of .22 LR complete uppers, designed to elevate your AR’s performance. Ideal for training, these assemblies offer cost-effective shooting, preserving your centerfire ammunition for when it counts. They are perfect for training and even small-game hunting. Experience the accuracy and convenience of shooting .22LR ammunition with your existing AR platform.

About Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical, your trusted source for firearm accessories, provides top-quality products to enhance your shooting experience. Founded by veterans, our commitment to excellence and next-day shipping, we ensure you receive your products promptly. Contact us for inquiries and unlock the full potential of your firearm with Wing Tactical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert my AR to shoot .22LR with these upper assemblies?

Yes, .22 uppers are designed to convert your AR into a .22LR powerhouse, offering an affordable and convenient way to shoot .22LR ammunition.

Do I need to modify my existing AR to use these upper assemblies?

No, these assemblies are designed for easy drop-in installation, allowing you to switch between .22LR and centerfire setups with minimal effort.

Do. 22LR upper assemblies save on ammunition costs?

Yes, shooting .22LR ammunition is significantly more cost-effective than centerfire rounds, making it an economical choice for training and practice.

Can I use my existing AR lower with these upper assemblies?

Yes, a .22 upper is compatible with most standard AR lowers, making them a versatile addition to your firearm collection.