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If you’re looking for a .40 cal muzzle brake or compensator, you’ve come to the right place—Wing Tactical also carries 10mm muzzle brakes. We’re a one-stop shop for pistol muzzle devices. Explore our collection below to find the perfect match for your handgun.

.40 Cal Muzzle Brakes and More

.40 cal muzzle brakes and compensators and 10mm muzzle brakes can help enhance your shooting performance, offer a more comfortable experience, or even improve your accuracy. Muzzle devices attach to the end of a threaded barrel, and they can serve a variety of functions: redirecting muzzle gasses to reduce felt recoil, direct flashes downrange to improve visibility, and more.

If you’re unsure which muzzle device is right for you, check out our brief guide below.

Juggernaut Tactical flash can

Flash Cans

Flash cans are designed to direct combustion flash (light) downrange instead of around the muzzle. By directing light away from the shooter, flash cans can help shooters maintain their line of sight on repeat fire.



Compensators are designed to redirect combustion gases to prevent muzzle rise on repeat fire. Without a compensator, combustion gases can cause the muzzle to rise, reducing accuracy on a follow-up shot. But, a compensator compensates for this rise by directing gases upward, counteracting the rise.

Rex Silentium muzzle brake

Muzzle Brakes

While compensators direct combustion gases upward, muzzle bakes direct them around the entire muzzle. Directing these gases around the sides (instead of downrange of the shooter) can help reduce felt recoil, which can improve shooting comfort and help shooters maintain visual contact with their targets on follow-up shots.

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Wing Tactical offers a top-quality, highly curated collection of firearm components for today’s civilian shooters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and gunsmiths. You'll find everything you need in our inventory if you want to upgrade your weapon (or even build one from individual parts).

If you’re unsure where to start your handgun customization project, you’re on the fence between multiple muzzle devices, or you simply want to talk through your build with a gunsmith, feel free to contact our customer service team. We’re always happy to help!