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AR-15 Magazine Release

AR-15 Magazine Release

The magazine release is located on the right side of an AR-15, in front of the trigger guard. It is a button-style magazine release, allowing the magazine to be removed from the rifle when pressed. The magazine release is an essential part of any AR-15, and it can also be upgraded and replaced with several aftermarket magazine releases.

How Does an AR-15 Magazine Release Work?

Proper magazine retention is essential for a rifle's smooth operation. The magazine catch locks into an indent on the magazine, keeping it in place until the magazine release is depressed. This releases the magazine catch and allows the magazine to fall freely out of the rifle.

It is important that the magazine release is made with quality material, which won't be affected by corrosion, and get stuck. Ideally, the magazine release should be very easy to engage. However, it should be designed so that it isn't accidentally pressed. This is why the magazine release button on the AR-15 has a raised ridge around it.

Why Install an Aftermarket Magazine Release?

Enhanced magazine releases are perhaps one of the most underrated upgrades you can make to your AR-15 rifle. They can help you speed up your reloads, decrease the chances of magazine-related malfunctions and add to your rifle’s aesthetics. There are also extended, and ambidextrous magazine releases available on the market that can improve the ergonomics and functionality of your rifle.

What Is an Ambidextrous Magazine Release?

Typically, the magazine release is located only on the right side of an AR-15, which allows right-handed shooters to engage it with their trigger finger, which means that they can maintain the grip on the rifle and go for a new magazine while pressing the magazine release. This results in faster reloads. On the other hand, a left-handed shooter needs to use their support hand to release the magazine, and they go for a fresh one.

Therefore, an ambidextrous magazine release allows both left- and right-handed shooters to quickly release the magazines and clear malfunctions.

What Is an Extended Magazine Release?

Though the magazine release button on an AR-15 is close to the trigger guard, it can sometimes be a little too far for shooters to reach without shifting their grip. An extended magazine release makes it easier for shooters to reach the magazine release with their trigger fingers without changing their grip.

What Is a California Compliant Magazine Release?

It would be an understatement to say that California has some strict gun laws. It can be challenging to own a typical AR-15 in California unless you make some changes to it. You can opt for a featureless AR-15, but a better option is to go for a California-compliant magazine release. This magazine release does not allow the magazine to be removed unless the upper and lower receiver is separated. This allows you to keep a pistol grip and other features on your rifle.