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Pistol slides are a simple but impactful upgrade for your handgun. Custom gun slides can improve your shooting experience, enhance aesthetics, and support your competition goals. If you want to make your pistol one-of-a-kind, upgrading the slide is a logical first step. Explore our collection of high-quality slides for your next project.

Two compact handguns on a wood bench

Pistol Slides: Simple, Powerful Customization

Pistol slides offer handgun owners an opportunity to customize their weapon’s aesthetic profile and performance. Slides are available in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes; their characteristics (like cuts) can help shooters meet a variety of goals like decreased carry weight, reduced recoil, and easier racking.

A gun slide with deeper grooves, for instance, might offer shooters improved grip — which might make it easier for them to grab the slide more firmly for a stronger racking action. Cuts, on the other hand, decrease the total amount of material, reducing overall carry weight. In addition, some slides are specifically designed to support accessory mounts for lights and optics.

Zaffiri Precision ZPS.P ported slide for Sig P365 XL

Gun Slides

Aftermarket gun slides can offer a variety of upgrades — and they’re made from a wide variety of materials. Whether you’re looking to enhance your shooting experience, improve performance during a competition, or simply create a unique color palette for your everyday carry pistol, slide customization can help you make your handgun one-of-a-kind.

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