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Glock Night Sights

Anyone who has used a Glock will have many good things to say about them. They are very accurate and reliable pistols that have shown effectiveness with Militaries and law enforcement officials worldwide. They are also very popular among civilians and have a wide range of models suitable for various applications, from concealed carry to competition shooting. However, one of the main things that many Glock owners complain about is the factory Glock sights.

What Kind of Sights Do Factory Glocks Have?

Glocks have simple three-dot polymer sights, which are alright for everyday use as a duty pistol. However, they're not the best. These polymer sights can get damaged with rugged use and don't offer the best sight picture in low light conditions either. Therefore, aftermarket Glock sights are some of the most popular Glock upgrades.

Why Install Aftermarket Glock Sights?

When it comes to aftermarket sights, you have loads of options. From Tritium sights to fiber optic sights, there are loads of options on the market that can give you a better sight picture and help with faster target acquisition. Moreover, most aftermarket Glock sights are made of more durable materials than polymer. They are made from steel and aluminum and don't get banged up as easily as polymer sights.

Tritium Sights Vs. Fiber Optic Sights

When it comes to aftermarket sights, the most common options are Tritium or fiber optic front sights; both types of sights have their advantages and offer many improvements to traditional Glock sights.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, and its natural property is that it glows in the dark. This makes tritium sights an excellent option for use at night or in low light conditions. However, during the daytime, the glow of tritium is not visible because of all the light around you; the sights are still functional during the day though.

On the other hand, Fiber optic sights have a small piece of optical fiber in the front sight. This optical fiber uses the light from the surroundings and lights up even during the day. Fiber optic sights can be made in almost any color. However, red and green are the most popular colors used on pistols. Fiber optic sights are great for concealed carry pistols, especially competition pistols. They work perfectly during the day and can also work in low light conditions. However, if you use your firearms in a very dark environment, fiber optic sights may not be the best option.

Most three-dot sights also use fiber optic or tritium illuminators in the rear sights, whereas some may have patterns that naturally draw your eyes towards the front sight and prevent glare.



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