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Does your AK rifle produce more recoil than you would like it to when you fire it? This can take a toll on both your aim and your accuracy. Investing in an AK muzzle brake for your rifle can dampen this recoil and make it so much more manageable. You might also consider using another type of muzzle device, like one of the many AK compensators or flash hiders that Wing Tactical has to offer. They can help you reduce everything from recoil to the muzzle flash your AK makes when you fire it.

closeup of a muzzle brake on a rifle

Which Muzzle Device Do You Need?

You can use an AK rifle without a muzzle device. However, investing in an AK muzzle brake or compensator can boost your accuracy by dampening the recoil you typically feel when firing your AK. An AK muzzle device like a flash hider can also reduce the bright flashes that often accompany firing your rifle. You can pick and choose which muzzle devices will work best for your AK based on how you want to improve its performance.

LANTAC AK-47 Dragon Advance Muzzle Brake

AK Muzzle Brake

Of all the different AK muzzle devices that Wing Tactical offers, an AK muzzle brake is often the most necessary. This LANTAC AK-47 Dragon Advance Muzzle Brake, for example, will stop your AK from producing as much recoil. This will make it easier to aim your AK rifle and achieve superior accuracy.

Primary Weapons Systems J-TAC 47 Compensator for AK

AK Compensator

AK compensators are also excellent accessories for those trying to get better control over their rifles. An AK compensator, like this Primary Weapons Systems J-TAC 47 Compensator for AK, can dampen recoil and eliminate muzzle rise in many cases. It can also provide some level of protection from flash.

Strike Industries JCOMP 2.0 for AK

AK Flash Hider

If your AK is producing more flash than you would like, a flash hider can help to reduce or even eliminate it. Many muzzle devices like the Strike Industries JCOMP 2.0 for AK will help you get the flash under control.

Wing Tactical: Let Us Help You Choose a Muzzle Device

Wing Tactical has been lending a helping hand to first responders, civilian gun enthusiasts, competition shooters, and even active duty military members for more than a decade now. We can provide a variety of firearm parts and accessories.

We’re a veteran-founded company that knows how important it is for rifle owners to secure the best muzzle device options for their AKs. We have plenty of first-hand experience with AK muzzle brakes, AK compensators, and other muzzle devices and only sell the ones that we would incorporate into our own AK builds.

If you’re looking for an AK muzzle device right now and aren’t sure which one to choose, Wing Tactical can help. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the AK muzzle devices you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an AK muzzle device necessary?

You don’t necessarily need to use an AK muzzle device on your rifle all the time if you don’t want to, but it’ll be nice to have something like an AK muzzle brake handy just in case you struggle with the recoil your rifle produces. This device can make it easier to fire your rifle without dealing with the full amount of recoil.

What benefits do AK muzzle devices provide?

AK muzzle brakes and other devices can provide you with a long list of benefits when you purchase high-quality options. They can make your AK rifle easier to handle, allow you to fire your AK more accurately, and provide protection for your eyes and ears when you’re using your AK.

Are muzzle devices easy to install?

Most AK muzzle devices are very easy to install and won’t require any special tools or previous experience working on rifles. You should, however, prepare to pay close attention to the instructions associated with installing an AK muzzle brake or AK compensator to prevent unnecessary injuries from taking place.

Will a muzzle device make my firearm too heavy?

You might think adding an AK muzzle device to your rifle would make it a lot heavier than you would like. In reality, though, these muzzle devices are made to be as light as possible. You shouldn’t notice a big difference in how much your AK weighs as long as you install a muzzle device properly.

Which brands make the best AK muzzle devices?

Wing Tactical sells a bunch of AK muzzle devices that are manufactured by the most trusted brands within the firearm industry. LANTAC, Primary Weapons Systems, and Strike Industries are several of the brands that make the AK muzzle devices we sell.