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The AR platform is very versatile, and it can be chambered in a variety of calibers. In the past decade, pistol caliber carbines and AR pistols have become quite popular, and most of them are chambered in 9mm, which is the most popular pistol caliber in the world.

If you’re interested in building your own 9mm AR, you’ll need a 9mm upper receiver. Check out our array of high-quality options below.

 A shooter shoulders a carbine-style 9mm AR platform rifle with a custom optic

AR-9 Uppers from Wing Tactical: Versatile and Customizable

AR-9s offer numerous advantages to today’s shooters. They can be small and maneuverable, making them an excellent home defense weapon or personal defense weapon. Moreover, the AR platform can be compatible with the 9mm caliber, offering opportunities for improved accuracy and effectiveness in some shooting applications. Shooting a 9mm AR can be much more cost-effective for range days, and some shooters even use 9mm ARs for competition shooting.

To build any high-quality AR rifle, you need to have high-quality, dependable 9mm upper and lower receivers. Wing Tactical offers options from a variety of manufacturers.

 A custom 9mm AR rifle featuring an optic and sling

AR-9 Uppers for Carbine and Pistol Applications

Shooters building a custom 9mm AR have two configuration options: carbine and pistol.

The carbine configuration is essentially a standard AR-15 in a different caliber. This configuration allows the shooter to stretch the effective range of the 9mm round because of the longer barrel, and the stock allows for easy shouldering and accurate shots.

You can also opt for the pistol configuration and a shorter barrel. However, AR pistols must use a pistol buffer tube instead of a standard buffer tube with a stock. They are very maneuverable and can offer superior control over traditional pistols.

Wing Tactical Offers Top-Quality Parts for Today’s Builders

Whether you’re building your first AR rifle or customizing a Glock pistol, Wing Tactical is proud to carry all of the high-quality components you’ll need to bring your vision to life.

Our brand was built by shooters for shooters — that’s why all of our products are rigorously tested for quality control and assurance. We don’t include anything in our collection that we wouldn’t use in our own builds.

If you have any questions about our products or want expert advice on your next build, reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which barrel length should you choose?

The prevailing opinion is that the longer the barrel, the better the ballistics. However, a long barrel can be problematic with a caliber like 9mm, which does not have anywhere near the power and range of a 5.56 round. Moreover, the increase in speed and range with the increase in barrel length isn't that significant after a certain length.

According to most people, about 7 or 8 inches is the ideal barrel length for 9mm barrels. After that, the increase in performance is very insignificant. Moreover, if you keep increasing the barrel length, it may even have a negative impact on the ballistic of the 9mm round.

What is barrel twist rate?

As your round rotates in the barrel, it stabilizes in preparation for its trajectory to your target. Twist rate describes how quickly your barrel will turn, and it’s described in inches per turn.

Almost all gun manufacturers agree that the 9mm round gives the best performance with a barrel that has 1:10 twist rifling. That means the bullet will make one full rotation once every ten inches. This pattern stabilizes the round and allows it to be the most effective and accurate.

Will the bolt carrier group on a 9mm upper be compatible with your lower?

Unlike AR-15s, an AR-9 upper has a direct blowback operation system. That means the bolt is also different. Also, when selecting an upper for your 9mm AR, ensure you choose a bolt carrier group that works with your lower.

Which magazine style is right for your 9mm AR?

Today’s builders have a few choices when it comes to magazine options. However, make sure your magazine choice is compatible with your lower receiver’s feed style. Some lowers feed from Glock magazines, whereas some use Colt-style 9mm mags. Make sure to choose the 9mm AR bolt that works with your preferred style of magazines.

Which handguard options are available?

The handguard is also an essential part of any rifle. It allows the shooter to control the firearm and add accessories. You should look for a 9mm upper assembly that comes with a modern modular handguard with M-LOK slots or a Picatinny rail so that you can add attachments like optics and lights.