AR-15 Charging Handles

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Pick up a charging handle for your next AR platform rifle build at Wing Tactical, America’s number-one source for high-quality firearm components. We offer AR-15 charging handles from a variety of manufacturers—all committed to peak performance and durability.

Custom AR platform rifle on a workbench

Lock and Load with AR Charging Handles

Whether you’re looking for a charging handle with a better ergonomic fit or a design with a splash of color, you’ll find exactly what you need for your next build in Wing Tactical’s collection. Our catalog is tailored toward seasoned gunsmiths and first-time builders alike, and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with every AR-15 charging handle in our collection.

Radian Raptor AR-15 ambidextrous charging handle

Charging Handles

Charging handles allow shooters to open their actions to expel spent shells, load another round, clean their firearm, resolve misfeeds, and more. While they’re a critical piece of your AR platform rifle, they also offer builders additional customization opportunities. Choose a handle with a striking color palette or a specialized ergonomic design to round out your build.

Wing Tactical: Your Source for AR-15 Parts

Wing Tactical has been building a collection of quality-first firearm components from the nation’s leading manufacturers since 2013. Our mission is simple: offering builders a trustworthy one-stop shop for firearm components.

Our catalog is designed to support the needs of top shooters. We guarantee that every part in our collection will perform at its peak from your first to your five-hundredth mag.

If you’re a law enforcement officer or military personnel, learn more about our LEO/MIL discounts. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team.