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When you’re building an AR-10, you’re welcome to gather all the individual parts you’ll need to create the lower portion of it. You’ll also have the option to invest in a lower parts kit that will come equipped with all the parts you’ll need to assemble your AR-10’s lower receiver. This AR-10 parts kit will also be helpful for those who need to replace parts over time. You’ll like knowing that you always have extra AR-10 parts lying around.

Spike's Tactical .308 Lower Parts Kit

Wing Tactical: Find the Right Parts Kit for Your Rifle

As a veteran-founded company, Wing Tactical understands how essential it is for gun owners to have access to high-quality parts. From handguns to rifles, we test every product we offer to gun owners and only sell firearm parts and kits from the best manufacturers.

If you’re currently working on building a rifle and think you could benefit from buying an AR-10 lower parts kit, Wing Tactical can set you up with the right kit and provide you with fast shipping. Contact us today to talk about the kits we have available with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying a lower parts kit?

Securing an AR-10 lower parts kit will make building a rifle much easier. Instead of trying to track down parts for your AR-10, you’ll get all the necessary parts in one convenient package. It’ll save you so much time, and in many instances, it’ll save you money on building a rifle, too.

What will an AR-10 parts kit come with?

Every AR-10 parts kit is a little different. But generally speaking, the average kit will come with every part you’ll need to build the lower portion of an AR-10 from scratch. The only parts that might be missing from certain kits will be a trigger and grip, but this will be clearly stated in their descriptions.

Why would I buy a lower parts kit without a trigger and grip?

Some rifle owners want to have the freedom to be able to customize their triggers and grips to make their AR-10s truly unique. This is the number one reason to consider buying an AR-10 lower parts kit without these parts. If you don’t have a preference for which trigger and grip you use, you’re free to buy a kit that comes with them.

Do I need to buy a specific parts kit for my rifle?

You should always make sure that any parts you buy will be compatible with your rifle. This goes for individual parts as well as kits. For example, if you have an AR-10, then you don’t want to be looking at AR-15 parts. Wing Tactical can ensure you order the right kit for your specific rifle when you reach out to our team of experts.

Which brands make the best AR-10 lower parts kits?

Wing Tactical is proud to carry AR-10 parts from various reputable brands. Many of these brands will be able to supply you with an AR-10 lower parts kit when you need one. Aero Precisions, Spike’s Tactical, and WMD Guns are a few of your best options.