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Gray AR Parts

The AR-15 is one of the most common rifles in the United States. It is known to be a very reliable platform, and one of the main reasons behind its immense popularity is its incredible aftermarket support.

The AR-15 platform is very versatile, and many manufacturers make AR platform rifles in various calibers and configurations. They also make loads of different parts for ARs that are meant to improve their performance and aesthetics.

When it comes to the finish of their AR and its parts, most shooters opt for colors like black or flat dark earth. These colors do offer the most tactical advantage. However, AR parts are available in a wide range of finishes, and if you are looking for a color that is both unique and tactically sound, gray AR parts are an excellent option.

Gray AR-15 Forward Assist

Which Gray AR Parts Can You Get?

Gray and similar finishes like Gun Metal Gray are pretty common for ARs, which is why you can find almost any AR part in a gray finish. If you want an entirely gray AR rifle, you can get receivers, handguards, pistol grips, and stocks in a gray finish.

You can also find smaller parts like charging handles, magazine release buttons, bolt releases, trigger groups, safety selectors, and foregrips in a gray finish. Adding these parts to your rifle is a great way to add gray accents and improve the overall aesthetics of your rifle.

Do Gray AR Parts Have Any Tactical Advantage?

Though gray might not be as good for camouflage as Flat Dark Earth and Desert Tan, it does give your rifle a more subdued profile than a black finish and is better for camouflage in certain urban environments. Gun Metal Gray is also a very popular finish for firearms, and it is an excellent way to uplift the aesthetics of your AR.