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The AR-15 lower receiver assembly is a critical group of components in your AR platform rifle. After purchasing a stripped lower receiver (or a complete firearm) from an FFL dealer, builders can pick up an AR-15 lower parts kit to further customize their weapon. AR lower parts kits typically contain the numerous, small parts required to build a complete lower receiver: hammers, triggers, safety selectors, and the springs and pins that hold these together.

An AR-15 lower receiver parts kit diagram mapping out individual components in a complete lower assembly

AR Lower Receiver Parts Kits: Unlocking Your Next Build

Building a lower receiver for your AR platform rifle requires meticulous planning and patience, but it's one of the most rewarding steps in the custom build process.

While you’ll also need to purchase the larger components that will form the backbone of your AR-15 lower assembly — a stripped lower, buffer tube assembly, and stock — an AR lower parts kit can help you save time on sourcing parts as you build out your lower receiver. Keep in mind that not all AR-15 lower parts kits are identical. Closely read the parts list in each kit to ensure compatibility and make sure you’ll have every necessary part once it’s time to start your build.

Seekins Precision enhanced builders AR-15 lower parts kit

Complete AR-15 Lower Parts Kits

Many of the kits in our collection contain everything you’ll need to complete your AR-15 lower receiver assembly after picking up a stripped lower, stock, grip, and buffer tube components. While they’ll contain all of the springs, detents, and pins you’ll need to connect your components, be sure to read listings carefully—some kits don’t feature triggers or hammers.

If you need help choosing an AR lower parts kit, our dedicated customer service team is happy to help. Reach out to an expert at Wing Tactical for advice and tips.

Wing Tactical: Your Source for Lower Receiver Kits and More

Wing Tactical is a top source for lower receiver components, upper receiver assemblies, and every other component you’ll need to build or customize your AR platform rifle. Law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, hunters, and civilian gun enthusiasts alike trust our collection.

All of our parts are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Wing Tactical only features components that meet rigorous quality standards, and our AR-15 lower receiver parts kits are no exception. Simply put, we do not sell products that we wouldn’t use in our own rifle customization projects. The components in our collections are built by the nation’s top firearms parts manufacturers, and our partner brands are equally committed to quality, performance, and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build your own AR-15 lower?

Since AR platform rifles are so modular and customizable, building your own lower receiver (or an entire rifle) is a rewarding experience. However, keep in mind that stripped lower receivers—the main component in the assembly—must be purchased from licensed FFL dealers since they’re marked with serial numbers.

How many pieces are in an AR-15 lower parts kit?

AR lower parts kits can contain as many as 100 individual pieces. But, before completing your purchase, make sure that your package of choice contains all the parts you’ll need for your build; you’ll likely still have to purchase some components (like grips and triggers) à la carte.

Is it difficult to build an AR-15 lower receiver?

While lower receivers contain numerous small parts, first-time builders can rest easy—they’re relatively easy to build. While the sheer number of components can make the process time-consuming, builders won’t need any expensive, specialized tools or expertise to build a lower receiver from individual components.

Why replace or customize your lower receiver components?

While all firearm parts are subject to normal wear and tear, shooters may choose to customize specific elements of their lower receivers (like their triggers) for increased ergonomic comfort, aesthetic appeal, or improved performance.

Which caliber should you choose when building an AR platform rifle?

While AR-15 rifles are most commonly chambered in .223/5.56 NATO and AR-10 rifles in .308, today’s builders have numerous caliber choices. Consider choosing the caliber that best matches your shooting application (e.g., home defense, competitive shooting, hunting, or training) or a caliber that matches another firearm in your collection (in the interest of ammunition standardization).