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AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kits

Building a lower receiver for your AR-15 requires planning and patience, but it's massively rewarding. Through this process, you gain a greater understanding of your firearm and a sense of satisfaction for having put it together yourself.

With an AR-15 lower receiver parts kit from Wing Tactical, you can simplify some of the prep work required for a lower receiver build. Instead of finding each part you need ala carte, these kits offer a majority of the smaller parts you need in one package.

What's Included?

Lower receiver builds can seem complex at first because they involve so many smaller pieces. To get started, you'll need to choose your larger parts, like your stripped lower receiver, buffer tube, buffer, buffer spring and stock. With these pieces in hand, you can select a lower receiver kit to complete your list.

AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit Diagram

Your AR-15 lower receiver building kit will include almost all of the smaller components you need for your build, including:

  • Hammer
  • Hammer spring
  • Trigger
  • Trigger spring
  • Hammer and trigger pins
  • Disconnector
  • Disconnector spring
  • Bolt catch
  • Bolt catch plunger
  • Bolt catch spring
  • Bolt catch roll pin
  • Pivot pin
  • Buffer retainer
  • Buffer retainer spring
  • Magazine release button
  • Magazine catch spring
  • Magazine catch
  • Takedown pin
  • Safety selector
  • Safety selector detent
  • Safety selector detent spring
  • Trigger guard
  • Trigger guard rear roll pin
  • Trigger guard front screw (or roll pin)
  • Takedown pin detents
  • Takedown pin detent springs

Different kits may include different parts, so be sure to read through the list of included pieces to ensure you have everything you need. Some kits will include a pistol grip, for example, but you may prefer to choose a specific grip not included in your kit. Others will come without a trigger so you can add an aftermarket drop-in version. You can shop around to find the right kit to meet your needs.

Lower Receiver Kit Brands

Wing Tactical is dedicated to bringing you the best-quality lower receiver kits possible so that you can achieve a successful build or rebuild. Our large inventory of lower receiver kits includes products from the industry's leading brands, including:

  • AB Arms
  • Aero Precision
  • Anderson Manufacturing
  • Armaspec
  • CMC Trigger
  • CMMG
  • F1-Firearms
  • Odin Works
  • Seekins Precision
  • Spike's Tactical
  • Strike Industries
  • WMD Guns

FAQs on Lower Receiver Kits

What tools do I need to install these parts?

AR-15s have a reputation for being akin to "adult legos," but a lower receiver build does take a little more effort than most assemblies and add-ons. Having the right tools and staying organized is crucial to successfully assembling a functional lower receiver.

At a minimum, you should have the following basic tools on hand to help assemble your AR-15 lower receiver:

  • Hammer (a small brass hammer is best)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Roll pin punches (3/32", 1/8", 5/32")
  • Block of Wood
  • Box Cutter or Razor Blade (don't worry if it's not super sharp — you won't be cutting anything)
  • Castle nut wrench

To make the process even easier, it could help to have these additional tools for your build:

  • Bench vise
  • Lower receiver vise block
  • Roll pin holders
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Painter's or electrical tape (to prevent scratching)
  • Gun oil
  • Trigger guard installation block or roll pin pusher
  • Rubber mat for your bench space

Are these parts compatible with all lower receivers?

Our lower receiver building kits should work with most standard AR-15 lower receivers, but it's wise to carefully read through the specs before you make your purchase. Some of our kits are designed to meet Mil-Spec standards, so they'll work best with Mil-Spec lowers.

If you have any doubts about the compatibility between a build kit and your lower receiver or any other outside parts, your expert team at Wing Tactical is more than happy to help. We'll walk you through the specs and help determine which kit you need for a successful build.

Guarantees When You Buy From Wing Tactical

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you shop for AR-15 parts with Wing Tactical. Our team of firearm experts and enthusiasts works hard to hand-select each item in our inventory, selling only things that we would be willing to use on our own guns. Everything you purchase on our website is backed by our personal stamp of approval.

Other perks of shopping with Wing Tactical include:

  • Fast shipping: Most orders ship on the same day they're placed.
  • 30-day hassle-free return policy: You can return many products within 30 days with no questions asked.
  • LEO and military discount program: We offer a discount for military, law enforcement and first responders.

Whether you're building your next AR from scratch or rebuilding an existing firearm, you can browse our inventory to find the perfect lower receiver kit for your project. Shop online today or get in touch with our team for more information.


Updated January 21, 2022