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AK47 with Side Fold Stock

How To Choose The Right Stock For Your AK-47

The AK-47 is easily one of the most popular firearms in the world. It is one of the most reliable and effective platforms ever made and has seen action in almost every world conflict since its inception.

The AK-47 is a diverse rifle with many applications. It has been made in various countries and styles, with different stocks, furniture, and specifications. Now, we will talk about the different types of AK platform stocks and how you can choose the perfect one for you.

Types of AK Receivers

The type of stock you can use on an Ak-47 depends a lot upon the kind of receiver you have. You can only change out stocks if the receiver is compatible with it. Most AK platform rifles have two main types of receivers.

These are milled and stamped receivers. Milled receivers are milled from a solid metal block and used to make original AK-47 rifles. However, AKM-style stamped receivers, which are made from stamped sheet metal, are more common these days.

Moreover, some receivers are designed with a tang to fit a fixed stock, some have circular cuts on the side for under folder stocks, and some may have hinges for a folding stock and a mechanism to keep it in place when folded.

Some modern AK platform rifles may also have Picatinny rail sections on the back of the receiver for mounting different stocks. However, the stocks on an AK platform rifle aren't as easily interchangeable as an AR-15.

Features On Modern AK Stocks

Though traditional fixed stocks and folding stocks don't have much in terms of adjustability, modern AK stocks these days have a wide range of adjustable features. Here are some you should consider when buying a modern AK-47 stock:

  • Cheek Riser
  • Side Fold
  • Rubber Buttpad
  • Adjustable Length to Pull

Cheek Riser

One of the main problems with most traditional AK stocks is that you can't get a solid cheek weld with them. Some AK stocks, like the full wooden or polymer stocks, have a more comfortable cheek weld than under folders and wire stocks. However, they don't offer the best positioning to aim through optics.

This is where cheek risers can be very helpful. They allow you to adjust the stock to get a perfect cheek weld, even if you are aiming with raised optics.

Side Fold

Folding stocks are great. They can make your rifle very easy to store and travel with and are especially useful when operating the rifle in confined spaces. A lot of modern AK stocks allow users to fold to the side.

Rubber Buttpad

Any quality stock needs to be comfortable. So, it would be best to look for a rubber buttpad on your modern AK stock. Rubber butt pads can absorb some felt recoils, making your rifle much more comfortable to shoulder and shoot.

Adjustable Length of Pull

Lastly, many modern AK stocks also have an adjustable length of pull. This allows the shooters to set the length of the stock according to their body, making the rifle a lot more comfortable and easier to shoot.