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OD Green AR Parts

The AR-15 and other AR pattern rifles are easily some of the most popular rifles in the United States. Though multiple factors contribute to the prevalence of AR pattern rifles, one of the main ones is their incredible aftermarket support. There are loads of manufacturers that make various aftermarket accessories and parts for AR pattern rifles. These parts can increase the performance of a factory rifle and are a great way to make your rifle more attractive and aesthetic.

Instead of sticking with a black finish on your rife parts, you should consider other tactical colors, like OD green. OD green furniture and parts kits don't only look great, but they make your rifle easier to camouflage.

OD Green AR-15

What Kind of AR Parts Can You Get in OD Green?

Almost all of the external parts you see on an AR-15 are also available with an OD green finish. You can opt for an OD green furniture kit, including a pistol grip, stock, handguard, and optional foregrips. These furniture kits look really good with a simple black receiver. You can also opt for a complete OD green parts kit with an upper and lower receiver in OD green.

Where Does OD Green Camouflage Work Best?

One of the main advantages of an OD green finish is that it is more of a subdued color than Black. Compared to black, OD green will blend better in almost any environment. However, its true calling is in woodlands and jungles. An OD green rifle is ideal for hunting trips into the woods, as it can make it a little harder for animals to spot you.