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Lights and lasers for guns are some of the most useful and sought-after firearm accessories today. Whether you’re looking to practice night shooting or prepare your home defense firearm for dark scenarios, lights for handguns and other firearms are a must-have.

weapon light on an ar-15 with surpressor

Find Your Target with Lights and Lasers

Lights and lasers are useful accessories for home defense firearms, which may have to be fired in the dark during an emergency. However, lasers can be useful during most light conditions and can help improve accuracy and help you find and hold on your target effectively.

Before purchasing a light or laser for your gun, ensure your firearm is equipped with a compatible mount. Check out our collection of mounting products and rail accessories if you don’t have mounting hardware on your firearm already.

Cloud Defensive Rein micro weapon light

Lights for Handguns and Long Arms

Wing Tactical offers a variety of light products for firearms of all types—handguns, AR platform rifles, and more. As you source a light product, make sure that it’s compatible with your rail system or accessories mounts. You should also read product specifications carefully to ensure your chosen light fits your configuration.

Laserlyte Lyte Ryder universal rail mounted pistol laser sight mounted on a semi-automatic pistol

Lasers for Guns

Lasers are particularly useful for personal defense handguns. When you need to discharge your weapon, you’ll need to find your target quickly and shoot accurately—a laser can help you do both. Ensure that your laser of choice fits your firearm’s configuration and is compatible with your rail system or accessories mounts.

Trust Wing Tactical for Your Firearm Component Needs

Since 2013, Wing Tactical has been connecting today’s top gunsmiths and shooters with the quality parts and accessories they need to bring their builds to life. Whether you’re looking for lights and lasers for guns or parts to build your first custom AR, we have everything you need.

If you need product advice, installation help, or support related to an order, please contact our customer service team. We’re always happy to help.