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When most people think of an AK, they think of a rifle with wooden furniture and an old design. However, modern AK rifles come with many modular and modern features, including some AK handguards with M-LOK and Picatinny compatibility, allowing shooters to install a wide range of weapon accessories on their rifles.

What Materials Are Modern AK Handguards Made From?

Traditionally, AK rifles had wooden handguards; while they have their own appeal, modern Ak handguards are usually made from aluminum. These aluminum AK handguards are lightweight and a lot more sturdy. In addition, they aren't affected by weather conditions like wooden furniture, and they allow shooters to mount modern firearm accessories like lights, lasers, and foregrips to their AK.

What Kind Of Mounting Platforms Does A Modern AK Handguard Offer?

Modern AK Handguards can have various mounting platforms to accommodate different accessories. M-LOK slots and Picatinny rails are the most common mounting platforms used on most handguards. However, you can also find KeyMod handguards on the market.

Can You Mount Accessories On AK Without A Handguard?

Yes, several manufacturers make mounts for AK-pattern rifles. These mounts can be installed between the barrel and gas tube of an AK and offer a small section of Picatinny rail on both sides. These mounts are used for lights and lasers.