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Angled Foregrip

When it comes to using foregrips on your AR rifle, you have several options. It can sometimes be difficult to choose between angled foregrips, vertical foregrips, and hand stops. There is a lot of debate on which type of foregrip is better. However, it does come down to personal preference.

In any case, every type of foregrip has its advantages and drawbacks, and today we are going to talk about the angled foregrip and what benefits it can present to a shooter.

What Are Angled Foregrips

Like any other foregrip, angled foregrips attack the bottom of your handguard and offer you an additional contact point on your rifle. Angles foregrips are designed to be more comfortable than holding a rifle from the handguard or the magazine well. They also have several other advantages, which we will discuss later.

Angled foregrips come in various shapes and sizes. Some have a less extreme angle and are slightly different from a vertical foregrip, whereas some are way more angled.

Benefits of Angled Foregrips:

Allow You To Control The Rifle More Effectively

When you are shooting a rifle, your grip significantly impacts how accurate you are and how effectively and quickly you can maneuver your rifle to engage different targets. Angled foregrips give you a more solid contact point at the front end of your rifle, allowing you to keep the rifle from moving too much.

Moreover, a vertical foregrip allows you to pull the rifle towards your shoulder, giving you better recoil control, which results in more accurate and rapid shots.

Allow For Better Ergonomics

When it comes to hand comfort, the angled foregrip offers the most comfortable grip of all different AR foregrip options. They allow your support hand to hold the rifle in the most natural position, allowing your hand and wrist muscles to be relaxed. This is why angled foregrips are ideal for when you have to hold your rifle for a very long time.

Give You A Point Of Reference

Another advantage of angled foregrips and foregrips, in general, is that they allow you to replicate your grip every time you pick up the gun. This allows you to build instincts with your rifle much more efficiently and use them in combat or competition. This is why most competition shooters use some form of foregrip on their rifles.