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When it comes to custom firearm parts, you’ll find everything you need at Wing Tactical. We’ve got the finest brands for custom AR-15 rifle parts, including 2A Armament, LUTH-AR, Mission First, Seekins Precision, ODIN Works, and more.

Our collection of gun accessories is just as substantial. We can’t wait to help with your next customization project.

 Anderson Manufacturing flush crown cut barrel for Glock 19 in three finishes: black DLC, titanium nitride, and chameleon PVD

Rifle Parts and Gun Accessories from Wing Tactical: Where Variety and Quality Meet

You’ll find custom rifle parts like rail systems, such as the BALIOS-Lite KeyMod Rail System from 2A Armament, made with a titanium foundation and aircraft grade 6061 aluminum with a lightweight, free-floating design; the Battle Arms Development Enhanced Takedown & Pivot Pins set, AR-15 compatible with enlarged pin tips to make pushing the pins through without creating a snag point easy; and the JP Enterprises AR-15 Low Mass Buffer, for rapid cycling and reduced recoil.

If you’re looking for custom handgun parts, Wing Tactical has you covered there, too. You’ll find grips, trigger connectors, sight rail adapters, muzzle brakes for pistols, and more in our collection of firearm parts. We understand that just because you’re a rifle enthusiast doesn’t mean you don’t have a pistol or two that needs attention.

Of course, you’ll find all the custom rifle parts you need here, too. We’ve got top brands and high-quality parts for AR-10/LR-308 weapons, AK-47s, the Ruger 10/22, the M1A/M-14, and even shotguns.

If you’re looking for IWI TAVOR parts, look no further. You’ll find them at Wing Tactical, including the Timney IWI TAVOR Drop In Trigger Gen 2 (4 lb.), a self-contained, easy-install trigger for your bullpup rifle and the Raddock IWI Tavor Fixed Mag Release: the best way to make your bullpup rifle compliant with certain state gun regulations like those you’ll find in California. Installation of the fixed mag release requires no permanent modifications to your weapon.

We’ve got FN SCAR products, too. Check out our Geissele Super SCAR Trigger for your SCAR platform rifle. This is an M4-style curved trigger to give shooters a level of precision and accuracy with their trigger control they’ve never experienced before. This non-adjustable, two-stage combat trigger is ideal for hunting and close-quarters battle situations.

A marksman in a brown jacket holds a custom AR platform rifle

AR Platform Rifle Parts

Civilian gun experts, competition shooters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel alike love the modularity of the AR platform — so do we. At Wing Tactical, AR components are one of our specialties. Whether you’re looking for a trigger that meets your ergonomic preferences or a complete upper receiver assembly, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our extensive catalog.

: Trigger, trigger guard, magazine release, and grip on a Glock handgun

Handgun Parts

If you’re on the lookout for gun accessories or parts for your pistol, look no further. Wing Tactical offers a wide variety of firearm parts compatible with today’s leading handgun manufacturers like Glock, CZ, and SIG Sauer.

Bravo concealment holster for Glock handgun

Gun Accessories

Wing Tactical is proud to offer the best gun accessories available on the market today: holsters, optics, lights, training supplies, and so much more. Pick up rifle parts for your next build and the gear you need to support your shooting experience all in one place.

Wing Tactical: Proudly Offering the Best of the Best

Wing Tactical is your one-stop shop for custom pistol and rifle parts, from components and accessories for AR-15s to IWI TAVOR bullpup rifles and just about everything in between. We’ve made sure to feature only the brands that provide top-quality firearm components and gun accessories — there’s no reason to look elsewhere.

We’ve also made sure to stock a comprehensive parts inventory, so if there’s something that goes on a firearm and you need it, you can almost certainly find it here. Whether you’ve got one specific part in mind for your rifle and only that part will do, or you want to shop around for the best deals and parts you can find, you don’t need to look anywhere else but Wing Tactical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between gun parts and accessories?

While parts are essential to your firearm’s basic functions, accessories are designed to supplement your shooting experience, enhance performance, or adapt your firearm to meet your preferences. For instance, a charging handle would be considered a rifle part: without one, you can’t prepare your rifle for firing. An optic, on the other hand, would be an accessory: while it might be more challenging to hit your target without one, you don’t need one to fire a round.

What are the most important parts of a firearm?

Every part of your firearm is critical to its operation. While each firearm features a unique parts configuration, nearly all modern firearms feature a(n):

  • Barrel
  • Muzzle
  • Sight
  • Action
  • Stock/Grip
  • Receiver

If you’re looking to build a custom firearm, but you’re not sure which parts you’ll need, we can help. Reach out to our experts for advice on your next project.

Which parts do you need to build an AR-15?

An AR-15 rifle features numerous components. Generally speaking, you’ll need the parts to build three main groups:

  1. An upper receiver
  2. A lower receiver
  3. A stock

Each of these three groups contains multiple parts that are critical to your rifle’s operation. Read more in our guide to the parts of an AR-15.

Which gun accessories do you need?

The accessories you choose will depend on your personal preferences, shooting goals, and firearm type.

Common shotgun accessories include:

  • Back sights
  • Lights
  • Slings and sling mounts

Common handgun accessories include:

  • Additional magazines
  • Holsters and concealment tools
  • Sights
  • Lights and lasers

Common rifle accessories include:

  • Optics
  • Slings and sling mounts
  • Bipods, tripods, and monopods

Will parts and accessories from other manufacturers match your firearm?

As long as an aftermarket part is designed specifically for your firearm type and model, it’s likely compatible. However, compatibility can be tricky on some models. Make sure to read your owner’s manual or examine your firearm carefully to ensure compatibility with aftermarket pistol and rifle parts and accessories.