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The U.S. military has been using vertical foregrips on its M4 carbines for years. But more recently, these foregrips have also found a home on many AR-15 rifles used by civilians. An AR foregrip from Wing Tactical can help you get a much better grip on your rifle from now on. It can also reduce fatigue and even serve as a monopod at times to keep your AR-15 stable. A foregrip will be an excellent addition to any AR rifle.

Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip

The Advantages of Using a Foregrip

If you’ve ever had to carry an AR-15 around for an extended period of time, like during a hunting trip, you know how uncomfortable it can be to continue carrying it after just a little while. An AR foregrip can prevent you from having to deal with this discomfort by making it easier to hold your AR-15 without having to use such a tight grip. They will also benefit those who would like to improve their accuracy with their rifle, which is why so many competitive shooters rely on these accessories. You will, however, need to select the right foregrip to make the most of it once you add it to your rifle.

ERGO Pop Bottle Vertical Forward Grip

Basic Vertical Foregrip

If you’d like an AR foregrip that is simple and straightforward, an option like the ERGO Pop Bottle Vertical Forward Grip might be your best bet. It’s made of durable polymer, and it will provide you with all the benefits of using a vertical foregrip.

FAB Defense 7 Position Tactical Folding Foregrip

Folding Vertical Foregrip

A basic vertical foregrip is going to stay in one place once you install it on your AR-15. If you would prefer to be able to make adjustments to it, a folding vertical grip like this FAB Defense 7 Position Tactical Folding Foregrip might suit you better. It can be used from seven different angles based on how you choose to fold it.

Strike Industries Picatinny Bipod Grip

Bipod Vertical Foregrip

Most vertical grips will function as de facto monopods. But if you want to take an AR foregrip to the next level, there are others that can be transformed into bipods with ease. The Strike Industries Picatinny Bipod Grip has a simple pull mechanism that can be utilized to deploy a set of bipod legs. It’s a good foregrip for those who would like to add stability to an AR-15 at times.

Wing Tactical: Your Reliable AR Foregrip Provider

With more than a decade of experience, Wing Tactical has turned into a trusted foregrip supplier for first responders, active duty military members, competition shooters, and even regular civilian gun enthusiasts.

Wing Tactical fully understands the importance of gun owners being able to get their hands on firearm parts and accessories they can count on. We only sell AR components, including vertical foregrips, that we’ve tested ourselves and believe in. It’ll lead to you securing nothing but high-quality parts for your AR-15 and other firearms.

If you’re creating your first AR-15 build or looking to make upgrades to an existing one, we can set you up with an AR foregrip for it. Get in touch with us now to talk to one of our experts about all your firearm needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I put an AR foregrip on my rifle?

Adding a foregrip to your rifle will provide you with so many benefits. For example, you’ll find that your AR-15 will be more comfortable to use when you have a foregrip on it. You’ll also be able to stabilize it more effectively.

What is the best vertical foregrip for an AR-15?

The best foregrip for an AR-15 will be whichever one feels the most comfortable to you. But ideally, you’ll want to invest in one that is made out of durable materials that will last. You’ll also want to make sure you choose one that will be compatible with your specific AR rifle.

Is it hard to install an AR-15 foregrip?

Installing a foregrip on your AR-15 shouldn’t be too difficult at all to do. You will be able to put most AR foregrips in place within minutes without having to pull out any special tools. Just make sure that you buy the right one for your rifle, whether that is KeyMod, M-LOK, or picatinny.

Which brands can I rely on for high-quality AR foregrips?

Since Wing Tactical only works with the most reputable brands in the firearm business, you can count on any brands that have an AR foregrip listed for sale on our site. Daniel Defense, Magpul, Mission First Tactical, Strike Industries, and Tyrant Designs are some of the brands you can trust.

Is a vertical foregrip necessary?

There is no rule that says you have to install a foregrip on your AR-15. But if you decide not to do it, you could come to regret it later since you’ll miss out on all the advantages of utilizing one. It would be worth at least testing out an AR foregrip to see how it performs.