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Glock is an Austrian firearms manufacturer known for making some of the best polymer frame pistols worldwide. All their pistols are made with a similar pattern and Glock upgrades. Glock parts are also very similar, and there isn't any firearm in the world, except perhaps the AR-15, which has a range of aftermarket parts as vast as Glock. Order your Glock parts today.

Glock with lots of Glock accessories

The Classic Elevated: Glock Parts

Glocks are used all over the world, but militaries, law enforcement agencies, and civilians are as well. They are simple, reliable, and very accurate pistols that are also lightweight and easy to maintain, which is why they are so common among law enforcement and the military. However, in the civilian market, one of the biggest factors that contribute to the massive sale and popularity is the aftermarket Glock accessory support.

At Wing Tactical, we know how important it is to have the best when it comes to parts. We only stock Glock upgrades that our founder, a US Army veteran, would use himself. That’s why our collection includes industry-leading brands like Pearce, Strike Industries, and Tactical Solutions. With our expertise and research, we find the best Glock parts so that you don’t have to.



There are many different kinds of Glock barrels available on the market. You can get match-grade barrels that have enhanced rifling and crowning for better accuracy. You can also find fluted barrels, which are lighter and better for heat dissipation. Factory barrels from Glock are not threaded, which is why many shooters upgrade their barrels. Aftermarket barrels are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes that can add to the aesthetics of your pistol.

Hand gun with red laser

Night Sights

If accuracy is the name of the game, then night sights are a must in your collection of Glock parts. Laser sights are fantastic Glock upgrades that make a huge improvement in your accuracy. Whether you just want it for target practice or need them for your job, Wing Tactical will have the sights you need to get the results you want.

tan and black Glock slides


Aftermarket Glock slides are usually made to be lighter, increasing your rate of fire. For ultimate weight reduction, you can get skeletonized slides in various finishes.

multicolored handgun triggers


Glocks have a decent trigger, but it’s catered toward law enforcement and military use, which is why they can be a little heavy for some people. That’s why many people choose to install aftermarket triggers on their Glock pistols. Enhanced triggers are lighter and smoother, and help improve accuracy.

red black and blue back plates

Back Plates

Black plates are designed to cover the striker on your firearm. They can be customized and easily changed on your firearm to keep it in good working condition and add some personal flare to your Glock.

black magazine

Magazines & Accessories

Glocks are versatile and have been used for years as the preferred pistol by law enforcement and military. With a variety of Glock accessories and magazines, a few Glock parts can go a long way. Grip extensions, base plates, and more can all be added to make your Glock suit your unique needs.

multicolored magazine releases

Extended Mag Releases

A quick release can go a long way, especially when you need to be fast and accurate with your weapon. Extended mag releases enable you to bypass the factory release and change your magazine faster.

The Wing Tactical Way

Wing Tactical was founded by veterans, and we’re committed to bringing our years of knowledge and experience to shooting enthusiasts and professionals everywhere. Through our partnerships with the best brands in the business, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of Glock parts, AR-15 parts, accessories, and so much more. Plus, our team is available to answer your questions and help you find the right Glock accessories you need. Contact us today and explore our blog to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is building a Glock cheaper than buying?

Building a Glock can be cheaper than buying, but it may depend upon your experience and the Glock parts you already have at your disposal. If you’re starting from scratch with no guns, you’d be better off buying a Glock from a manufacturer. If you already have experience with handguns, then building one might be the cheaper option.

Are switches illegal?

Switches, or Machine Gun Conversion Devices (MCDs), allow the magazine on the handgun to be emptied in a matter of seconds. These switches are illegal and prohibited by federal law.

What should I buy for my Glock?

Every gun owner is different and needs different Glock upgrades and parts. The standard accessories you can consider incorporating into your collection would be barrels, sights, and slides, all of which you can find at Wing Tactical.

What is the most common Glock?

While the Glock 19 and Glock 43 may have become today’s favorite Glocks, the Glock 17 is likely the most popular of all time. This 9mm handgun was the original polymer Glock design that formed the base for every Glock after it. It was quickly adopted by law enforcement and police around the world due to its 17-round magazine and incredible durability in the most extreme conditions.

How often do Glocks need to be cleaned?

If you want to keep your firearm and Glock parts in good working condition, cleaning and lubricating your Glock once a month should do the trick. If you use it more heavily, you should clean after every use, especially if it gets exposed to the elements.


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