How to Set Up an AR-15 Like a Navy SEAL

8th Jul 2020

The AR-15 is the civilian legal version of the M4 — a weapon used by many U.S. military units, including the elite operators who belong to SOCOM (Special Operations Command). Since the introduction of…
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AR-15 vs. Handgun vs. Shotgun for Home Defense

25th Jun 2020

When it comes to home defense, you want to choose the right weapon to defend yourself and protect your family. Hollywood glamorizes the shotgun as the ideal tool for protecting your home, but the trut…
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How to Remove and Replace Your Buffer Tube

15th Jun 2020

With its completely modular platform, the AR-15 is one of the most versatile guns on the market. Lightweight, accurate and dependable, this weapon is popular with shooters across the nation, and it's…
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4 Common Glock Upgrades

4th Jun 2020

Initially designed for the Austrian military, the Glock is now popular with anyone looking for a reliable and affordable handgun they can customize to suit their needs. Out of the box, Glocks come…
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How to Choose an AR-15 Cartridge for Home Defense

29th May 2020

When it comes to home defense, it's tough to beat the AR-15. If you have an AR-15, you know that not all rounds are created equally. Choosing the best ammunition might seem subjective, but there ar…
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