Best Aftermarket Glock Barrels

8th Apr 2021

Glock pistols are some of the most popular in the world. They're comfortable, balanced and available in models suited for virtually any shooter.One of the best parts about Glock pistols is how many af…
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AR-15 vs. Bullpup Rifles

22nd Mar 2021

Are you thinking about adding a new rifle to your collection?A new AR-15 or bullpup makes an excellent purchase for any enthusiast, but there are details you'll want to consider before investing. We c…
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Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Triggers

10th Mar 2021

Not so long ago, gun enthusiasts had to live with factory triggers or shell out for painstaking work by a gunsmith. Fortunately, the last decade has seen an uptick in aftermarket drop-in triggers. The…
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4 Types of Handgun Triggers & Actions

1st Mar 2021

When you pull the trigger of a loaded gun, a shot is fired. It seems simple, but there's a lot that goes into that system. A trigger's basic function is to begin the firing cycle that discharges a rou…
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Handgun Upgrades for Home Defense

19th Feb 2021

It's critical to ensure that your home defense handgun is always ready for use in case of emergency. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a new gun owner, you want to know that your gun will deliver o…
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