How to Properly Shoot an AR-15 for Beginners

23rd Jun 2021

If you're a first-time gun owner or brand-new to the AR platform, you may be learning how to shoot an AR for the first time. An article cannot take the place of in-person training from a qualified ins…
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Mil-Spec vs. Commercial Buffer Tubes

14th Jun 2021

The debate over Mil-Spec vs. commercial AR-15 buffer tubes (officially referred to as the receiver extension) has been raging for decades. While they both accomplish the exact same function, there are…
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The 4 Universal Rules of Gun Safety

7th Jun 2021

As almost every firearm accident is caused by carelessness, proper gun safety procedures must be taken incredibly seriously. Basic firearm-safety rules are really just common sense, and it is of…
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How to Properly Use A Fore Grip

28th May 2021

The AR-15 design was converted from military to civilian operations by removing the select fire option from the rifle. While many of the available AR accessories are designed to make the plat…
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9 Common Shooting Mistakes

19th May 2021

No matter what platform you are shooting, it pays to know how to shoot it well. Revolvers, lever guns, bolt actions, handguns — they all have their unique features and demands. When it comes t…
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