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Start customizing your pistol with Wing Tactical’s Glock slide parts kits. Not looking to start from scratch? Wing Tactical offers Glock 19 complete slides, too. Explore our collection and start building a personalized pistol.

Custom Glock with optic, muzzle device, and laser

Glock Slide Parts Kits and More

Glocks are some of the most popular pistols in the world, and apart from their accuracy, reliability, and performance, their incredible aftermarket support is the main reason for their popularity.

The Glock 19 is an incredibly versatile pistol that can fit almost any application. It is an excellent pistol for home defense and makes for a great duty gun. It can even be used for competition shooting with the right upgrades.

Upgrading slide parts can significantly impact the performance and appearance of your Glock, and many shooters, especially those who use their pistols for competition would like to make such upgrades. For shooters looking for an all-in-one approach, Glock slide parts kits can be highly useful.

Armaspec stainless steel fluted guide rod for Glock Gen 1-3

Stainless Steel Guide Rods

Stainless steel guide rods are just one upgradable component in your Glock.

L2D Combat lightweight fluted striker for Glock

Striker Springs

The striker spring is an essential part of any striker-fired pistol, and many shooters like to use enhanced striker springs on their pistols. A lighter striker spring can give you a lighter trigger pull. However, it is more suitable for competition shooters who use quality ammunition.

Wing Tactical: Your Source for Glock Customization

Wing Tactical was built for shooters by shooters — that’s why we carry everything you need to fully upgrade and customize your Glock.

Plus, if you’re a law enforcement officer, first responder, or active duty military personnel, you can take advantage of discount pricing. Every customer, however, can take advantage of our same-day shipping and hassle-free return policies — offers that make it as easy as possible to build your perfect custom firearm.

Reach out to our customer service team anytime you need us. We’re always happy to help!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a complete slide parts kit for a Glock 19 build?

If you are building a Glock 19 slide, you can get complete slide parts kits with all the necessary parts. Apart from the main parts like the guide rod, striker, extractor, springs, and safety plunger, these kits also have smaller parts like the firing pin retainer cups, a spacer sleeve, and a channel liner. Those kits may also have custom slide back plates that many people like to install on their Glocks for aesthetic purposes. These back plates are available in a wide range of finishes.

What slide parts can you upgrade on a Glock 19?

A standard Glock slide has a lot of functioning parts in it. From the striker, extractor, and firing pin, to the guide rod, recoils springs, and other smaller parts, there are loads of parts that you can upgrade inside your Glock 19 slide. These upgrades can significantly impact the performance and reliability of your Glock.

Can I buy just a Glock slide?

Yes. If you’re only looking to upgrade your slide (and not additional slide components), check out Wing Tactical’s selection of custom Glock slides.

Are all Glock slide internals the same?

While most major Glock parts (frames, triggers, and slides, for example) are interchangeable, some smaller components are model-specific. Before making a purchase, check that your chosen product is compatible with your Glock model and generation — this information is available in the product description.

Why buy an aftermarket Glock slide?

Shooters often customize their slides (either the major component or smaller parts of the slide system) to improve performance or create a unique aesthetic profile for their pistol. Competition shooters, for instance, might rebuild their slide to achieve faster rechambering or make it easier to rack the slide.

No matter your reason for upgrading, Wing Tactical has all the components you need to build a one-of-a-kind pistol.