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Glock 19 Trigger

Glock 19 Triggers

Nothing can challenge Glocks' supremacy when it comes to striker-fired pistols. They are reliable, accurate, and widely used by law enforcement and militaries worldwide. The Glock 19 is one of the most popular Glock pistols in the market, mainly because it is very versatile. From concealed carry to home defense and competition shooting, the Glock 19 can do it all.

One of the great things about the Glock platform is that you can find many incredible parts that can upgrade its performance. There are many parts that people like to upgrade on their Glocks, but the trigger is perhaps one of the most common.

Why Install Aftermarket Glock 19 Triggers?

Aftermarket Glock 19 triggers can have multiple advantages. Here are some of the main reasons why many shooters install them.

Better Performance

Though factory Glocks have decent triggers, they are made for military and law enforcement. These duty triggers tend to be heavy, and if you want to use your Glock 19 for competition shooting or you like the feel of a lighter trigger, installing an enhanced Glock trigger can have many advantages.

Enhanced triggers have a lighter trigger pull, a crisp break, and a quick reset. They allow shooters to shoot more accurately and deliver quick follow-up shots. Therefore, aftermarket Glock triggers are an excellent option for your Glock 19

Improved Aesthetics

Another reason many people like to upgrade the factory trigger on their Glock 19 is the aesthetics. Aftermarket Glock 19 triggers come in various finishes, and many shooters want to install these triggers to their flock to add accents of different colors.

Better Control and Ergonomics

Most of the parts that go inside a factory Glock trigger assembly are made by stamping. These parts can have jagged edges and rough contact surfaces that create friction, resulting in an unpredictable and rough trigger pull. Aftermarket triggers are made with smooth edges, and the metal parts have a slick finish, dramatically decreasing friction and resulting in a better trigger feel. Moreover, since these triggers are more predictable, they allow for better control and accuracy down range.

Which Manufacturers Make Glock 19 Triggers?

There are multiple brands that make aftermarket triggers for the Glock 19. However, some of the most popular ones are Killer Innovations, Tyrant Designs, Overwatch Precision, and Apex Tactical. There are several other brands that make excellent Glock triggers as well.


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