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CMMG Side Charging  Upper

AR pattern rifles are known to be very ergonomic. However, one thing that commonly receives criticism is the rear charging handle. Though traditional rear charging handles are reliable and give the rifle a sleek design, they present some technical drawbacks.

What Is A Side Charging AR Upper?

These uppers usually feature the side charging handle on the left side of the firearm, along with the handguard. The placement of the charging handle is quite similar to that of an HK G3 or MP5 rifle. However, some side-charging AR uppers may have different designs as well.

Overall, side-charging AR uppers allow people to change the ergonomics and controls of their AR patterns rifle and can offer multiple tactical advantages as well.

Why Use A Side-Charging AR Upper?

Since traditional AR charging handles need to be pulled back from the rear of the rifles, the operator needs to change their head position and lower their rifle to charge the rifle. This can make it difficult to clear malfunctions and perform reloads.

Therefore, people who prefer to have their charging handle on the side of the firearm can opt for Side Charging AR uppers. These upper receivers are designed for AR pattern rifles; however, unlike traditional AR uppers, they feature their charging handle on the side.