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Are you looking for a reliable source for parts to keep your shotgun performing at its best? You’ve come to the right place. Wing Tactical offers a huge assortment of shotgun parts and accessories from some of the most respected manufacturers in the firearms industry. You’ll find everything from tactical shotgun stocks and forends to shotgun action parts and much more.

Wing Tactical Shotgun Parts Provide Superior Quality

The long list of shotgun stocks and other essential shotgun parts we offer are made from durable, sturdy materials that ensure the highest possible quality. Because we’re gun enthusiasts just like you, we understand how much your shoguns mean to you. You’ll never find any part for sale at Wing Tactical that we wouldn’t use in our own guns. Our shotgun parts categories include:

Shotgun Rail Accessories

Our wide range of shotgun rail accessories will help you keep your weapon in peak operating condition and even improve its performance. Accessories can include high-quality shotgun rail mounts and related products from leading manufacturers.

Shotgun Slings and Sling Mounts

If you’re looking for a tactical shotgun sling or sling mount, Wing Tactical has you covered. Available products include the BlackHawk Shotshell Two-Point Sling, which features durable steel spring hooks for easy attachment to any standard sling swivel. It also includes elastic bands that can hold up to 15 additional shotgun shells. You can adjust the length to fit your body and suit your unique carrying style.

Shotgun Grips, Stocks and Forends

You can select from various tactical shotgun grips, stocks, and tactical shotgun forends. Examples include the Mossberg 500 Tamer Rubber Pistol Grip that can increase your shotgun’s maneuverability without decreasing your comfort. Key features include textured rubber palm swells and finger grooves for an enhanced grip. Another option is the Magpul MOE Remington 870 Forend, which is equipped with front and rear hand stops and ridges on the underside to prevent slipping.

Shotgun Magazine Follower

Our inventory also includes a wide variety of shotgun magazine followers for many popular shotgun brands. Options include Phase 5 Low-Drag High Visibility 12 Gauge Shotgun Magazine Follower and Strike Industries 12 Gauge Shotgun Magazine Follower.

Industry-Leading Customer Service

As a valued Wing Tactical customer, you’ll appreciate our sincere commitment to delivering world-class customer service that sets the standard for our industry. Order any Wing Tactical shotgun part today, and we’ll ship it tomorrow! You’ll also love our hassle-free return policy: if you’re not happy with the product for any reason, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.

Browse the Current Selection of Wing Tactical Shotgun Parts

Please take a few minutes to check out our current inventory of shotgun parts and accessories. You can complete your purchasing transaction safely and securely right here on our user-friendly website. Give yourself an edge: order all of your shotgun parts and other firearms accessories from Wing Tactical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What upgrades do shooters commonly opt for in their shotguns?

Shooters frequently opt for enhancements such as extended mag tubes to hold more shells, upgraded sighting systems, snug-fit adjustable stocks, recoil-reducing pads, performance-boosting chokes, and side saddles for rapid shell access.

Can I boost my shotgun's shell count with a longer magazine tube?

Indeed, slapping on an extended mag tube can up your shell game, but always thumb through your local regulations to ensure you're not breaching any capacity limits.

Is it a one-size-fits-all deal with shotgun parts?

Far from it. Always cross-check the make, model, and sometimes even the specific version of your shotgun when shopping for parts. You don't want a misfit.

Any tips to tame the recoil on my shotgun? 

Consider absorbing that punch with recoil pads or opt for gas-driven mechanisms. Stock adjustments can make a difference, too. Also, the shell type can up or down the recoil.