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Are you a fan of the gas piston AR-15s but don't want to buy a whole separate upper? Gas piston AR systems have risen in popularity as a new way of powering semi-automatic function. Since the gas flows into a dedicated chamber and activates a piston rather than being forced back into the receiver, piston-driven systems keep your gun much cleaner and cooler during operation.

With the creation of AR-15 piston kits, you can transform your traditional direct impingement build into a gas piston AR in no time.

Superlative Arms gas piston AR conversion kit

What Are AR-15 Piston Kits?

Wing Tactical offers piston conversion kits for easy installation to help you upgrade your firearm. These AR-15 piston kits include all the parts and instructions that you'll need to install them without a hitch.

These kits can accommodate almost any AR gas piston system, including pistol-length, carbine-length, mid-length, and rifle-length. They also give you the freedom to choose the type of mount you want, whether you'd prefer set screws or a clamp-on style.

No matter what you already own, you can find a kit that fits your needs and allows you to combine the modular capabilities of an AR-15 with the durability and cleanliness of the gas piston system.

adams arms AR-15 piston kit

Adams Arms Piston Kits

Wing Tactical is proud to partner with Adams Arms to offer piston conversion kit products for AR-platform rifles. Adams Arms components feature corrosion-resistant coatings and adjustable gas settings for even further customization opportunities.

 Superlative Arms gas piston converter for AR-15

Superlative Arms Piston Kits

Wing Tactical partnered with Superlative Arms to deliver high-quality AR gas piston system components for shooters looking to customize their rifles. Superlative Arms products offer advanced features like bleed-off venting and adjustment systems. The Wing Tactical team trusts Superlative Arms products to deliver quality performance every time.

Wing Tactical: Your Partner for AR-Platform Rifle Customization

Wing Tactical is proud to support first-time builders and veteran gunsmiths alike in their pursuit of the perfect AR-platform rifle build. Our collection represents the cream of the crop of today’s small arms manufacturers, and we only offer products that we’d be proud to use in our own custom firearms. Plus, we offer exclusive discounts for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and first responders — and same-day shipping on all orders placed before 1pm EST.

Have a question about your next build? Not sure which product is right for you? We’re happy to help. Contact us anytime you need product or build support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you get an AR-15 piston kit?

Are you wondering whether a piston-driven AR is for you? Fortunately, both gas impingement and piston uppers work on the same lower, so you don't have to buy a whole new firearm to experience the change. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you're looking to get out of your build.

Using a piston system over the direct gas impingement setup will let you take advantage of several benefits:

  • Cooler system – A piston AR-15 keeps gas from pouring into the receivers, keeping the gun cooler even during intense and continued use.
  • Increased reliability – Since the gas activates the piston in these systems rather than having to travel back through the tube, a piston kit has the potential to make your AR more reliable.
  • Reduced maintenance – Keeping gas out of your upper and lower receivers lessens the amount of carbon buildup on their interior parts, preserving the mechanisms and keeping them clean longer.

What’s the difference between direct impingement and piston-driven?

The direct impingement system is the older of the two and uses gas to operate correctly. With this system, the gas from a fired cartridge is directed through the barrel, into the gas block, and down the gas tube, then back into the receiver to cycle the action, setting it up for the next shot.

The AR gas piston-driven system operates in much the same way and was created to develop a more reliable alternative to direct impingement. While it works similarly, it uses a metal operating rod (the piston) to accomplish movement rather than the gas itself. The gas pressure that builds up forces this rod toward the back of the gun to move the bolt and cycle the action.

Which is better: piston-driven or direct impingement?

Both gas systems are highly effective in the AR platform. Your choice will likely depend on personal preference and your shooting application. Traditional, direct impingement might be sufficient for infrequent shooters who don’t rely on repeat fire. However, since piston-driven AR-15 systems run cleaner and support improved cooling, they might be the right choice for shooters who frequently use repeat fire.

How do you switch the gas system in an AR-15?

To keep it brief:

  1. Separate the upper and lower receivers and remove the charging handle.
  2. Remove the muzzle device, front sight assembly, gas block, and handguards.
  3. If you’re replacing your handguard with a free-floating model, remove the delta ring assembly.
  4. Replace all of the direct impingement parts with the gas piston conversion parts that came in your kit.
  5. Grease components as necessary and reassemble your rifle.

What is a low mass carrier?

A low mass carrier is a common customization option employed by competition AR-platform shooters. It can help decrease felt recoil and overall movement during repeated fire.