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When it comes to foregrips, you have several options to choose from. You can opt for a vertical grip, angled grip, or a handstop. M-LOK handstops for AR-15 can be mounted on the front handguard, offering a more comfortable and ergonomic way to hold your rifle.

A gloved hand holds a handstop on the front handgaurd of an AR rifle

What are M-LOK Handstops?

The M-LOK system was developed as a more streamlined accessory mounting platform to standard Picatinny rails. It is an attachment system that allows you to add an accessory to a rifle or other firearm. It keeps the handguard profile slimmer and more minimalistic than the quad Pic rail, which is standard on most Mil-Spec M4 rifles. These days, most modern AR-15s use M-LOK-compatible handstops.

Hand stops are a minimal alternative to other foregrips, giving your support hand a consistent point of reference on the front of the rifle. Moreover, handstops are very popular for rifles with short barrels. They stop your hand from slipping in front of the muzzle under the effect of the recoil. A hand stop also lets you maintain a solid grip on your rifle and make it more maneuverable.

Iron City Rifle Works reversible M-LOK handstop

AR-15 Handstops

AR-15 handstops (M-LOK or otherwise) can help shooters quickly achieve their ideal support hand placement without guesswork. Whether you’re a newcomer to shooting or a seasoned pro, a handstop can help you increase control and supplement your shooting experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are handstops good for M-LOK handguards?

Most M-LOK handguards have slim profiles. They are less “grippy” than a quad rail — Picatinny rails offer an additional texture that can stop your hands from slipping on the handguard. Therefore, adding a handstop on the handguard can help you maintain a more secure grip on an M-Lok handguard.

Are handstops ideal for AR-15 pistols?

If you have an AR-15 pistol, handstops are an ideal alternative to vertical foregrips. They offer a better grip and prevent your support hand from slipping in front of the barrel, especially when you have a very short barrel.

Can you use a handstop as a barricade stop?

Yes, most handstops can also be used as a barricade stop, which allows you to get a stable firing position when shooting from a stationary position. You can use the front of the handguard to rest the rifle against a barricade and get more accurate and stable shots down range.

Can you use M-LOK accessories on a Picatinny handguard?

Yes! With M-LOK rail sections, you can easily add M-LOK accessories to Picatinny handguards.

Is a handstop a vertical foregip?

No. Handstops are certainly a type of foregrip, but they aren’t classified as truly vertical products. Since your hand only rests against a handstop (instead of gripping it), it’s technically in a different category.