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Great shots require great aim, which requires having the right sights for your firearm model, shooting application and preferences. Whether you recently purchased a gun or are looking to customize your equipment, know that Wing Tactical has the AR-15 iron sights you need to be completely satisfied with your setup.

Our online store is home to a variety of AR-15 iron sights for your convenience. Find exactly what you're looking for at competitive prices.

AR-15 Iron Sights

Factors to Consider When Buying AR Sights

You can choose from numerous styles of AR-15 sights to fit your shooting style. Before you buy, it is important to note that AR-15 iron sights don't have magnification capabilities. As such, some firearm owners add iron sights to their AR-platform rifles only to serve as a backup in case a primary optic fails. Others, however, prefer the cleaner, more traditional look of iron sights alone.

Some of the main considerations for sights include:

  • Sight configuration: There are two main types of AR-15 sights — fixed and flip-up. Fixed varieties stay in one position on your firearm, while flip-up iron sights can be folded up or down.
  • Height of sights: Think about how high off your AR-15 you'd like the sights to sit, and make sure you choose a front and a rear that are made to go together.
  • Aperture style: Wing Tactical offers you AR-15 sights in traditional round shapes as well as diamond-shaped varieties. We have both styles available in fixed and flip-up configurations.
  • Construction material: Although these products are referred to as iron sights, major brands have also started using lighter materials during production. Get sights made of steel, aluminum and polymer materials.
Polymer Backup Sights


Flip-up iron sights are unique because they can be flipped up or folded down depending on the situation. When flipped up, they make for great iron sights. When flipped down, they make room for an optic. Flip-up sights come in a variety of materials and colors.

front and rear fixed iron sights


Unlike the flip-up AR-15 iron sights, fixed sights stay in place. They’re designed to give you consistent target acquisition and are usually made with steel for the best durability.

assortment of Blitzkrieg front sight posts


Sight posts are designed to provide the shooter with quick and easy target acquisition and improve the sight picture. These sights are perfect for anyone who uses the existing AR-15 iron sight but thinks there’s room for improvement.

45-degree Offset Inline Flip Up Sights


Offset sights get their name because of their placement, offset and often at an angle of 45 degrees. These types of sights are beneficial for close-quarter battle situations.

About Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical is your go-to source for top-quality AR-15 parts and accessories. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering a satisfaction guarantee on every AR-15 sight. Our commitment to prompt shipping ensures you receive your products quickly. Trust Wing Tactical for firearm parts we’d use on our guns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are AR sights made of?

Most AR-15 iron sights are manufactured with steel, aluminum or polymer. These materials are long-lasting and cost-effective.

Many of our fixed AR-15 sights are engineered with steel for exceptional durability. Flip-up sights are usually manufactured with aluminum because engineers can mold aluminum into the intricate shapes necessary for moving setups. In some cases, aluminum flip-up sight assemblies with steel components throughout to provide additional strength.

Wing Tactical also carries polymer-based sights dependable for those who rarely use iron sights and want to keep their firearms as light as possible. Polymer builds tend to be less expensive.

Why do I need backup AR-15 iron sights?

Having backup AR-15 sights accessible is good practice. That way, if your optic loses power, loosens or goes missing, you still have the means to keep shooting. You can even opt for co-witness sights to allow your irons to work in conjunction with a red dot.

Are AR-15 sights compatible with my firearm model?

We offer a variety of sights suitable for AR-15 platforms, ensuring compatibility with your firearm.