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Iron front and rear sights


Great shots require great aim, and that takes having the right sights for your firearm model, shooting application and preferences. Whether you recently purchased a gun or are looking to customize your equipment, know that Wing Tactical has the AR-15 sights you need to be completely satisfied with your setup.

Our online store is home to a variety of AR-15 iron sights for your convenience. Find exactly what you're looking for at competitive prices.

Factors to Consider When Buying AR Sights

There are numerous styles of AR-15 sights you can choose from to fit your shooting style. Before you buy, it is important to note that AR-15 iron sights don't have magnification capabilities. As such, some firearm owners add iron sights to their AR-platform rifles only to serve as backup in case a primary optic fails. Others, however, prefer the cleaner, more traditional look of iron sights alone.

Some of the main considerations for sights include:

  • Sight configuration: There are two main types of AR-15 sights — fixed and flip-up. Fixed varieties stay in one position on your firearm, while flip-up sights can be folded up or down.
  • Height of sights: Think about how high off your AR-15 you'd like the sights to sit, and make sure you choose a front and a rear that are made to go together.
  • Aperture style: Wing Tactical offers you AR-15 sights in traditional round shapes as well as diamond-shaped varieties. We have both styles available in fixed and flip-up configurations.
  • Construction material: Although these products are referred to as iron sights, major brands have started using lighter materials during production as well. Get sights made of steel, aluminum and polymer materials.

Fixed Iron Sights

We Have AR-15 Sights From Top Brands

When you purchase from our store, you know you're getting sights that have been well-received by our customers and staff. We have a growing list of AR-15 sights for sale by names you likely know well, such as:

  • Aero Precision
  • Blitzkrieg Components
  • Diamondhead
  • FAB Defense
  • KNS Precision
  • Magpul Industries Corporation
  • Midwest Industries
  • Scalarworks
  • Spike's Tactical
  • Strike Industries
  • Troy Industries
  • Ultradyne

AR Sights FAQs

What are AR sights made of?

Most AR-15 iron sights on the market are manufactured with steel, aluminum or polymer. These materials are long-lasting and cost-effective.

Many of our fixed AR-15 sights are engineered with steel for exceptional durability. Flip-up sights are usually manufactured with aluminum because engineers can mold aluminum into the intricate shapes necessary to make moving setups. In some cases, you'll find aluminum flip-up sight assemblies with steel components throughout to provide additional strength.

Wing Tactical also carries polymer-based sights dependable for those who rarely use iron sights and want to keep their firearms as light as possible. Polymer builds tend to be less expensive.

Why do I need a backup sight?

Having backup AR-15 sights accessible is good practice. That way, if your optic loses power, loosens or goes missing, you still have the means to keep shooting. You can even opt for co-witness sights to allow your irons to work in conjunction with a red dot.

Impressive Guarantees From Wing Tactical

Only our team gives you a satisfaction guarantee on every AR-15 sight. If something seems off with your purchase, let us know, and we'll do everything in our power to make it right. You'll also have 30 days to make a return if you change your mind about the items you buy. We just ask that your purchases are in unused condition.

Rest assured knowing we'll ship your items quickly. Most of our AR-15 sights leave our facility the day after you make your purchase. It's our goal to get you the firearm parts and accessories you desire faster than the competition.

Wing Tactical is also known for offering discounts to those who keep our country and communities safe. Prove your status as a law enforcement officer (LEO), military service member or first responder to save money on all future purchases. The process to sign up for our military and LEO program takes just a few moments.

Every AR-15 sight available through Wing Tactical has received our stamp of approval. Our process for adding equipment to our store is simple — we only stock firearm parts we'd use on our own guns.

Order Our AR-15 Iron Sights Today

Wing Tactical goes the extra mile to supply you with gun sights that'll serve you well for the long haul. You can browse our available products online now and place your order with us at your convenience. Feel free to reach out to our sales team if you have questions about our firearm components or accessories.