AR-15 Magazine Catches

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AR-15 Magazine Catch

AR-15 Magazine Catch

The magazine is one of the essential parts of any semi-automatic or automatic firearm. It has to be designed perfectly to ensure it can reliably feed rounds into the chamber. Moreover, the magazine also has to be held appropriately inside the magazine well, in a position where the reciprocating bolt can pick up fresh rounds and feed them into the chamber. In an AR-15, this purpose is fulfilled by a magazine catch.

An AR-15 magazine catch locks the magazine into place when inserted into the magazine well and keeps it there until the magazine release button is pressed.

How Does the Magazine Catch Work?

The magazine catch is a metal tab connected to the magazine release button with a rod that passes through the receiver. The magazine catch is spring-loaded and locks into the intent on the left side of an AR-15 magazine. When the magazine release is pressed, the magazine catch moves out of the way and lets the magazine fall out of the rifle.

Benefits of Installing an Aftermarket AR-15 Magazine Catch

Typically, stock AR-15s have a two-piece magazine catch and aren't made from the most durable materials. Enhanced magazine catches are made from strong steel and sometimes have a one-piece design. They are more durable and have more advanced finishes, which decrease friction and make the operation of the magazine release much smoother.

Some aftermarket magazine catches also have an integrated ambidextrous magazine release latch, allowing shooters to depress the release from both sides. Moreover, some people simply install an aftermarket magazine catch on their AR-15 to add to its aesthetics.

What Is a California-Compliant Magazine Catch?

Due to the strict gun laws in the state of California, owning normal AR-15s can be very difficult. Shooters need to make their AR-15s California compliant. One of the simplest and easiest ways to own an AR-15 in California is to use a California-Compliant magazine release and magazine catch combo. Both these parts are usually sold together, and if they are California compliant, they don't allow you to release the magazine unless you open the upper and lower receivers.