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AR-15 Parts and Accessories

The availability of AR-15 parts and accessories is a huge part of what makes the AR-15 popular among shooters of all walks. Choosing the right AR-15 parts for your build, or the best AR-15 part upgrades for your intended use allows you to use the AR-15 to excel in many different types of shooting.

Common Uses for AR-15s

The AR-15 is a popular firearm for many different reasons, it’s easy to handle, adapts well to the needs of many different shooters as well as their body sizes and shapes with small modifications. The AR-15 can be modified as it’s built from stripped receivers, or modified one part at a time to become the perfect rifle for each shooter’s needs.

  • LEO and Military: The familiar feel and dependability of the AR-15 make it a great choice for those with Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds. The AR-15 is a favorite with tactical operators as it can be equipped with a variety of optics and accessories that make it suitable to a huge variety of operating environments.
  • Home Defense and Self Defense: The AR-15 is relatively lightweight, easy to handle, control, and can be set up for multiple shooters with minimal effort, that makes it a solid choice for home and personal defense. The AR-15 is easily equipped with an adjustable stock and may utilize a small diameter handguard, making it easy for those with smaller hands to control with greater precision, even when circumstances are not ideal.
  • 3 Gun Competitions: The flexibility and adaptability of the AR-15 make it an easy choice for the rifle portion of 3 gun competitions. The rifle may be adapted to enhance fine control and accuracy by building it to specific specifications to reduce perceived recoil and barrel motion, making the shooter’s work that much easier.
  • Long Range Shooting: The AR-15 is easy to outfit as a long-range rifle. For a long-range build, your parts choices will lean toward stability, and reduced motion. Often long-range shooters choose longer barrels with heavier profiles. Long-range shooters will make different choices in optical mounts, optics, and other accessories than their tactical oriented counterparts.
  • Hunting: The AR-15 makes a fine hunting rifle as it can be adapted for different ranges and weights of bullets that may be considered appropriate for different kinds of game. The ease of customization and variety of options available in aftermarket AR-15 parts makes it a popular choice for many hunters.

Parts and Accessories We Offer

The firearms market is awash with parts for the AR-15 platform. Those of us who would rather have access to a selection of the best parts on the market at prices that let use keep something in our wallets need a great parts supplier to help us out. Wing Tactical makes it easy to choose great components for the AR-15 because they don’t waste your time and money with anything less than the best manufacturers. When you work with Wing Tactical you won’t have to dig through the slushpile to find something worth trying, we’ve made it easy to skip that step and get on to making your dream build a reality.

Whether you’re looking to start with a stripped upper and build it out one pin at a time, or you’re looking to upgrade worn or less than stellar parts in an existing rifle, Wing has what you need from barrels and buffer tubes to buttstocks and muzzle brakes, we’ve got what you need to give yourself an edge.

  • Muzzle Devices: Wing Tactical offers muzzle devices for every shooter from the industry’s most innovative manufacturers. If you simply want a flash hider to keep your barrel threads straight and keep your night vision on point, the Primary Weapons Systems Triad Flash Hider might be just what you’re looking for. Competition shooters looking for enhanced muzzle control and wicked good looks, opt for the JP Enterprises 3-Port Competition Compensator. When you need a muzzle device designed to deliver the goods even in less than optimal operating environments, your choice has got to be the Rex Silentium Q-Type Extreme Duty Muzzle Brake. If you’re not sure what to order, our customer service staff would be more than happy to help you choose the muzzle device that’s best for your needs, without any painful upselling tactics.
  • Upper Receivers and Parts: The selection of upper receivers and parts for uppers that are available in Wing Tactical’s catalog includes fully machined billet receivers and forged uppers from industry leaders like 2A Armament, Lantac, and Noveske. Choose a sleek receiver with no forward assist like the CMT Tactical UPUR-2 Billet Upper Receiver or if you like the extra insurance, the Phase 5 Tactical Forged Mil-Spec AR-15 Flat Top Upper Receiver includes a forward assist assembly so it will feel like a familiar old friend. If you’re looking for replacement and upgrade parts for your upper receiver, Wing Tactical is the place to find what you want. Wing works with a group of great manufacturers to bring you an awesome variety of parts from firing pins, and forward assists to dustcovers and charging handles to complete bolt carrier groups. If you need a complete bolt rebuild kit to replace your worn ejector, springs and gas rings, we have that as well.
  • Handguards & Rails: Your choice of forends really impacts how you use your AR-15. The right rail makes it easy for you to mount all of your optics and accessories without making your AR-15 unwieldy, but if you’re using your AR for home defense, a simple handguard that keeps your fingers clear of the barrel may be all you need. Many operators need the ability to use multiple attachment points for AR-15 accessories on their rifles. For those shooters, an AR-15 equipped with a handguard with an integrated rail or rail system is a good choice. Whether you want a new tech M-LOK or Key-Mod rail system, or an old school Picatinny rail, Wing Tactical has an option to suit your needs.
  • Lower Receiver Parts: Building a complete lower for your AR-15 can be a challenge. The parts list is long and It's not like you can leave something out and just run with it. While it may be easy to upgrade a few parts at a time, like when you want an advanced pinset like the Armaspec T1 Titanium Takedown Pins with EZ-SET to replace your standard takedown pins, it's much easier to be sure your build list is complete if you start with a lower parts kit. The Armaspec AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Less Trigger Group & Grip gives you everything you need to fill out your AR lower but allows you to choose your own trigger group and grip without the guilt of leaving good new parts on the shelf.
  • Complete Upper Assemblies: If you want to get a quality AR-15 build together in short order without a lot of hassle, then Wing Tactical’s selection of complete upper assemblies is for you. We carry complete uppers from respected manufacturers like Aero Precision, Seekins Precision, and Spike’s Tactical. These complete uppers are ready to marry to your lower so you can get off the bench and get on the range for a quality shooting experience with ease.
  • Buffer & Buffer Tubes: Efficient operation and control of recoil are heavily influenced by the correct (or incorrect) buffer and buffer tube in each AR-15 system. Wing Tactical has options for every shooter from the JP Enterprises AR-15 Low Mass Buffer designed to give precision shooters an edge with less perceived recoil, to the Strike Industries Short Pistol Buffer Tube Kit which is one of the shortest pistol receiver extensions on the market today. Whatever your build, Wing has the buffer and buffer tube to make it work for you.
  • Barrels: There are few parts in the firearms world so obsessed over as barrels. Poke your head into a circle of serious gun guys and you’ll get an earful of their feelings about the Second Amendment, Trigger pulls and their favorite barrel profiles. There’s a barrel for every purpose, it’s a simple matter of choosing the one that works best for your purposes. From pistol builds to long-range shooters, just choose a barrel length, profile, and finish to make your AR-15 complete.
  • Gas Systems: AR-15 gas systems are fairly straightforward, a gas block, gas tube, and gas key deliver gasses expelled on firing back to the receiver to cycle the bolt carrier group. Gas blocks come in sizes and configurations to fit your style of build, from a standard height block with integrated sight mounts to micro gas blocks that fit under almost any rail system. Those of you who feel the need to precision gas tune your AR-15 will definitely want to choose one of Wing’s adjustable gas blocks.
  • Grips and Foregrips: A standard rear grip on an AR-15 makes it easy to control, but the addition of a foregrip to your AR platform rifle moves that ease of handling to an action of intuition. The right grips take the handling of your rifle from an intentional, conscious effort to control the weapon and change it to the control of an extension of the shooter. The addition of grips that fit the shooter well is a great way to get an edge on the competition.
  • Magazines: The AR-15 is a gas impingement rifle, which cycles and reloads after each shot. This requires a quality magazine if it is going to function as intended. Wing Tactical handles magazines from multiple manufacturers making it an easy task to get the one you need shipped directly to your door. Choose from the classic Magpul or an offering from one of our other brilliant manufacturers like Lancer or Mission First Tactical.

Quality AR-15 Parts from Wing Tactical

When you order your AR-15 parts and accessories through Wing Tactical, you know you’re getting a great value as well as a great product. The value of a purchase made from

Wing isn’t just about the product, though we pride ourselves on bringing the firearms community the best possible value in quality products. No, it doesn’t stop there. At Wing Tactical we only work with manufacturers who share our belief in value to the consumer. Our manufacturers offer the best components in the business and back them up with warranties that you can count on.

Wing Tactical is proud to provide customer service that goes above and beyond the industry standard. If you ever have a problem with something you’ve bought from us, we’ll make it right. We’re committed to giving you the best possible experience when you shop with us. To that end, Wing Tactical offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy, simply contact us to begin the return process within 30 days of your initial purchase and our Customer service staff will be happy to assist you.At Wing Tactical, we offer a wide selection of AR-15 parts and accessories for gun enthusiasts everywhere. If you’re looking to build a new rifle or replace parts on your existing AR-15, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to learn more about how to get the best, most reliable accessories for your rifle. Start browsing our selection of AR-15 parts today, and give yourself an edge!

Updated March 9th, 2020