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Whether you’re building a custom AR-15 or replacing an existing component to optimize performance, Wing Tactical has the quality AR-15 parts that will take your rifle to the next level. Our carefully-curated catalog of AR parts and accessories caters to everyone from law enforcement officers to competition shooters and civilian rifle enthusiasts looking for quality above all else. Explore our collection of AR-15 accessories and start customizing your rifle.

Aero Precision AR-15 featuring custom parts resting on a gunsmith’s workbench

AR-15 Parts and Accessories from Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical’s collection of AR parts is carefully curated to provide quality-first components from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to tweak your gas system, customize your grip, or swap out your stock, you’ve come to the right place.

With AR-15 parts available for countless configurations and calibers, your customization options are nearly endless. Plus, if you’re building your first rifle or you’re looking for an expert’s opinion on a configuration option, our gunsmiths are available to answer any questions or offer tips.

 Aero Precision AR-15 accessories for gas system customization

Gas System Components

Whether your AR uses direct impingement or a piston, the gas system is critical to your rifle’s functions. Wing Tactical offers adjustable gas blocks, gas piston conversion kits, gas tubes, and other gas system AR-15 accessories to fine-tune your action cycling.

 Magpul 10-round AR-15 magazine compatible with .223, 5.56 NATO, and 300 Blackout

Magazines and Mag Accessories

Wing Tactical offers AR-15 magazines in a variety of capacities and calibers from top manufacturers like Strike Industries and Magpul. Don’t miss out on accessories like magazine couplers and marker bands.

Tyrant Designs AR-15 charging handle in five colors (blue, red, black, yellow, and grey)

Charging Handles

Charging handles are a critical AR part. Though they may seem straightforward, each individual handle is uniquely designed to meet shooters’ ergonomic preferences.

Wing Tactical: Your Trusted Source for AR-15 Parts

Wing Tactical offers handgun and rifle components and accessories from industry-leading firearms parts manufacturers. Our veteran-founded brand is trusted by law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, hunters, and civilian gun enthusiasts alike.

The products in our collection meet the highest possible quality standards—builders can rest assured that our AR-15 accessories and parts will perform out of the box and for years to come. We do not sell products that we wouldn’t use in our own builds.

Want to learn more about creating a unique configuration with custom AR parts? Contact us for tips from our expert gunsmiths.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major parts of an AR-15?

AR-15 rifles contain numerous components. Here’s a complete parts list:

  • Upper receiver
  • Lower receiver
  • Trigger
  • Barrel
  • Buffer kit
  • Handguard
  • Stock
  • Gas system’
  • Bolt carrier group
  • Charging handle
  • Grip
  • Muzzle device
  • Forward assist (optional)
  • Dust cover (optional)

Which AR parts deteriorate the fastest?

It’s important to remember that your firearm was built for the field—while you should clean it and maintain it per the manufacturer’s instructions, you shouldn’t expect your parts to deteriorate quickly. However, frequent use can impact the more delicate parts of your rifle over time, like:

  • Cam pin holes or locking lugs near the bolt
  • Gas tube roll pins
  • Extractors
  • Firing pins

Can you buy every AR-15 part online in the US?

With the exception of the lower receiver (which must be purchased from a licensed FFL dealer), builders can purchase every AR-15 part they’ll need online. 

Should you build an AR-15 from individual parts or buy one pre-assembled?

Factory-assembled AR-15s are relatively accessible in today’s firearm market, but building an AR-15 from the lower receiver up can be a valuable learning experience and potentially offer cost savings opportunities. That said, assembling some components (the upper receiver, for instance) requires specialized skills and tools.

Which part of your AR-15 should you customize first?

The sky’s the limit with AR-15 customization, so it can be difficult to choose a starting point. For expert tips and advice, chat with one of Wing Tactical’s gunsmiths.