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Blue AR Parts

AR platform rifles, carbines, and pistols are very popular in the US and the rest of the world. The AR platform is versatile, and you can find ARs chambered in almost every caliber.

Another great thing about this platform is the immense aftermarket support. There are loads of companies in the US that make different types of AR parts and accessories designed to improve your AR performance and add to its aesthetics. You can buy various AR parts in different colors and build a really cool rifle that stands out from the crowd.

Where most people opt for tactical finishes on their ARs and go for colors like Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, and Gunmetal Gray, you can also choose several other colors, which give your rifle a more cool and unique appearance. Though you can get custom AR parts in almost any finish, blue AR parts are popular in the market.

They look great on their own, and when combined with black, or other colors such as accents, small blue parts can make your rifle look amazing.

Which Parts Can You Get in a Blue Finish?

If you want, you can also find AR receivers and stocks with a blue finish. However, these parts aren't as popular. Most people prefer to use blue parts as accents on their black rifles. This is why smaller parts like AR magazine releases, safety selectors, charging handles, and bolt releases are more common in blue finish. Moreover, blue takedown pins, triggers, and bolt carrier groups are also quite common.

You can find AR parts in multiple shades of blue, and adding them to your rifle is a great way to make it stand out and look unique at the range, gun shows, or in your gun room at home.

Why Use Blue AR Parts?

Well, you don't get any tactical advantage by using blue AR parts, but in terms of aesthetics, they can add a lot to your rifle. Blue accents make your rifle stand out from the crowd and look unique. You can add them to a competition rifle or display rifle.