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AR-15 rifles and other AR platform rifles are some of the most popular firearms in the U.S. and the rest of the world. People have come to love the reliability and performance that ARs can provide. But many AR-15 parts are available exclusively in darker colors like black, flat dark earth, OD green, and gunmetal gray, which makes them impossible to stand out. Wing Tactical sells blue AR-15 parts that will help give your AR a more unique appearance. We sell both big and small parts alike.

Odin Works B1 M-LOK Handstop

Reasons to Invest in Blue AR-15 Parts

Using blue parts to build a rifle isn’t going to provide you with a tactical advantage. So, why should you choose blue parts for your rifle? From an aesthetic standpoint, they will make your AR-15 look so much better than it does now. Whether you choose to make the bulk of your AR-15 blue or simply add blue AR parts as smaller accents, you’ll love the way your rifle looks when you incorporate these blue parts into the mix. Wing Tactical sells a variety of blue AR-15 parts that will help you either create a new AR-15 build with blue in it or give your existing build a much-needed makeover.

Strike Industries Blue AR-15 Upper Parts Kit

Blue AR Upper Parts Kits

AR-15 owners who want to make a large portion of their rifle blue can invest in one of the blue AR upper parts kits available through Wing Tactical. This Strike Industries Blue AR-15 Upper Parts Kit is an excellent example of an upper parts kit that’ll provide you with an opportunity to make your AR-15 every bit as blue as you would like it to be. You can also use only some of the parts from this kit if you would like to limit the amount of blue you use in your AR-15.

Tyrant Designs AR-15 Enhanced Takedown Pins

Smaller Blue Parts

While a blue AR upper parts kit can give you the chance to inject a whole lot of blue into your rifle, this won’t be the best option for everyone. Some gun owners might prefer to install only smaller blue AR parts, like magazine releases, safety selectors, charging handles, and bolt releases. There are also small blue AR-15 parts like the blue takedown pins featured in this set of Tyrant Designs AR-15 Enhanced Takedown Pins.

Wing Tactical: Order Parts From Us Today

Wing Tactical has been helping first responders, active duty military members, civilian gun owners, and even competitive shooters improve the performance of their AR-15s for over a decade. We’ve also helped them enhance their appearance by supplying them with blue AR-15 parts.

At Wing Tactical, we understand our customers need to be able to get their hands on high-quality parts to improve their firearm’s function and appearance. We keep parts from the best brands in the firearm business and only the parts we’d be comfortable using ourselves.

If you would like to add some color to your rifle, feel free to look through the different options we have in stock here. Contact us today if you want to speak with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which blue AR-15 parts are available?

Wing Tactical sells a large variety of blue parts. From triggers to bolt carrier groups, you can make almost any aspect of your AR-15 rifle blue. You’re free to pick and choose which aspects of your AR-15 you would like to make blue.

Do blue AR parts perform better than black ones?

Blue parts will not impact the performance of your AR-15; they will only affect its appearance. However, you should still only purchase high-quality AR parts made by reputable brands regardless of their color. At Wing Tactical, we stock high-quality parts we would be willing to use on our own firearms.

Why should I consider using blue AR-15 parts?

While you don’t have to use blue parts, utilizing them is an easy way to make your rifle stand out in a crowd. From your favorite colors to swapping parts that compliment a hydro-dipped color scheme, unique colors are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your firearm.

Do AR-15 parts come in other colors besides blue?

If you like the idea of working some color into your AR-15 build but you don’t love the thought of using blue, there are other colors you can pick from. For instance, there are red AR-15 parts that will also really stand out when they’re used while piecing together an AR-15 build.

Which brands make blue AR parts?

There isn’t any shortage of companies creating blue parts these days. These brands include Armaspec, Phase 5 Tactical, Strike Industries, and Tyrant Designs.