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Glock back plates are one of many modular customization products for Glock handguns. While a Glock slide cover plate’s primary responsibility is to protect the striker from dust, debris, and damage, some aftermarket plates are designed for specialized purposes, like the ease of racking the slide. Custom back plates can also offer increased visual appeal with a pop of color or an etched design.

Killer Innovations Velocity slide cover plate for Glock

Glock Back Plates: Customized Form and Function

Glock back plates (sometimes called slide cover plates) attach to the back of the slide, and they exist primarily to protect the strike-firing mechanism from damage and debris.

Stock slide cover plates for Glock only serve this primary purpose. But specialized back plates are only one of many aftermarket parts handgun owners can incorporate into their custom configurations. Plus, some designs offer a pop of color, giving customizers an additional opportunity for personalization. 

 Strike Industries slide cover plate for Glock 43

Glock Back Plates

Wing Tactical offers replacement back plates for Glock. We offer products from multiple manufacturers, like Tyrant Designs and Killer Innovations; some manufacturers offer up to six color options.

red, black, and blue backplates

Racking Assist Glock Back Plates

While back plates primarily protect the Glock’s striker firing components, some specially-designed products are ergonomically designed to assist shooters with racking the slide. Whether you’re a competition shooter looking to increase your cocking speed or a hand injury creates racking difficulties, a back plate specially designed to ease racking might be right for you.

Wing Tactical: Handgun Parts and Accessories for Top Shooters

Wing Tactical offers a collection of handgun and rifle parts and accessories from industry-leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to customize your Glock slide cover plate or build your first custom AR-15, you can count on Wing Tactical as a source for quality-first, shooter-tested components. Law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, hunters, and civilian gun enthusiasts trust and rely on the products in our collection.

If you’re a law enforcement officer or active duty soldier, we offer discounts to show our gratitude—it’s the least we can do to thank you for your service. We also offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy and same-day shipping on orders placed before 1 pm EST.

Wing Tactical is built by shooters for shooters. We’re proud to showcase quality products designed for today’s top marksmen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you need a new back plate?

If your back plate is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it might be time for a replacement. But even if your back plate isn’t showing signs of wear and tear, you could choose a replacement product to enhance the aesthetics of your pistol or support easier racking.

Are all Glock back plates the same size?

All Glock slide cover plates are the same size—except for Glock 42 and 43.

Do back plates wear out?

Unless you use an ergonomically-designed slide cover plate that helps with slide racking, back plates typically don’t wear out quickly. Since they’re flush with the back of the slide, shooters typically don’t touch them often, so they’re mostly only exposed to dirt and debris.

What are Glock back plates made of?

Aftermarket back plates are typically made from aluminum or polymers. Stock back plates are made from Polymer 2, Glock’s signature nylon-based polymer.

What should you do if you’re struggling to rack the slide?

For new handgun owners, learning to efficiently and effectively rack the slide can take practice. Since they're designed for stability and durability, shooters must overcome significant resistance when racking. If you’re having trouble with racking, consider:

  • Safely practicing at home (preferably with an empty magazine and chamber)
  • Use a grip-strengthening device designed to help build your hand muscles
  • Swapping out your stock back plate for an aftermarket product designed to support easy racking