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The Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistol models in the world. Law enforcement agencies, militaries, and civilians both in the US and worldwide use Glock pistols for their simplicity and extreme reliability.

Aftermarket support is one of the most significant advantages of choosing a Glock handgun. Wing Tactical is proud to offer Glock 19 parts, upgrades, and accessories for shooters looking to customize their experience.

Glock 19 with a strike slide on a black background

Glock 19 Parts and Accessories from Wing Tactical

Glocks easily have the best aftermarket support in the US market. You can make loads of different upgrades to your standard Glock, making it a very versatile firearm. Many people also build Glock pistols with parts kits.

Glock 19s are trendy among shooters, and Wing Tactical is making it easier to source Glock 19 accessories and upgrades for your next customization project. Here are some of the popular Glock 19 parts that shooters can use to build or upgrade their pistols.

Anderson Manufacturing flush crown cut barrel for Glock 19 in Chameleon PVD finish

Glock Barrels

Of course, the barrel is an essential part of any pistol, and there are many brands that make high-quality barrels for Glock 19s. Some barrels might be fluted to reduce weight, and some come in a wide range of finishes to add to the aesthetics of a Glock 19 — which, in its stock form, is not the prettiest pistol. Brands like L2D Combat and Faxon make some great Glock 19 barrels.

Zaffiri Precision ZPS.2 slide for Glock 19 in two colors (black and flat dark earth)

Custom Glock Slides

When it comes to improving aesthetics, the slide is one of the biggest Glock 19 upgrades you can make. Many aftermarket slides feature lightning cuts and improved serration designs. Slides are also available in a wide range of cool finishes, which can add to the aesthetics of your pistol.

However, one of the most popular reasons many people opt for aftermarket Glock slides is red dot sight compatibility. Most competitive shooters who use Glocks like to have lighter slides that cycle faster and the ability to use red dot sights for faster shooting.

Tyrant Designs extended slide release for Glock in six colors: blue, gold, red, black, aluminum, and grey

Extended Slide Releases

Many shooters, especially those who want to be quick, opt for extended controls on their pistols. An extended slide release allows shooters to engage the slide release more efficiently and reliably, even when wearing gloves or having wet hands. Extended slide releases are also used by competition shooters, as they can help them reload their Glock 19 more quickly.

 XS Sight Systems R3D night sights for Glock

Glock Sights and Optics

Glocks are very reliable pistols; however, one of the things that most people don't like about them is the sights. They are usually made from plastic and don't offer a great shooting experience in low light. This is why many people choose to upgrade their Glock 19 sights and use night sights or fiber optic sights instead.

 Killer Innovations velocity trigger for Glock 19 in gold


Typically, Glocks have good triggers; however, they are a bit on the heavy side since Glocks are primarily designed as law enforcement and military sidearms. Luckily, loads of competition and adjustable Glock triggers are available in the market. These triggers are great for faster and more accurate shooting.

Strike Industries magwell for Gen 5 Glock 19/23 in black


Magwells are designed to guide a magazine into the pistol more easily and naturally. They are an excellent Glock 19 upgrade and are used by most competition shooters.

: Tyrant Designs extended mag release for Glock in gold

Extended Mag Releases

An extended mag release serves a similar purpose as an extended slide release or magwell. They are designed to make the controls of your Glock faster, allow quicker reloads, and help you clear malfunctions more quickly. These upgrades can make you an overall faster shooter.

Streamlight TLR-6 light and laser for Glock

Flashlights and Lasers

Flashlights and lasers are other excellent Glock upgrades, and any home defense Glock needs to have a good flashlight on it. Lasers are also great for home defense pistols, and they are also used by law enforcement and special police units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Glock parts should you replace first?

Generally speaking, the smallest components exposed to the most wear and tear will likely be the first to deteriorate. Components like the recoil spring, trigger spring, slide lock spring, and machine catch spring should be examined regularly for signs of wear.

Why should you customize your Glock?

Shooters choose to customize Glocks for a variety of reasons based on their personal preferences and shooting contexts. For instance:

  • Home defense gun owners might add lights or lasers to their handguns for improved accuracy.
  • Competition shooters might modify their barrel or other components for improved shooting performance or reduced carry weight.
  • Concealed carriers might modify their weapon for increased ease of concealment, extended clip capacity, or ease of racking the slide. 

Why choose the Glock 19 instead of another model?

The Glock 19 is one of the most popular models for a few reasons:

  • It’s chambered in 9mm — a widely available, relatively inexpensive round with excellent ballistic performance and lethality for self-defense applications.
  • Its 15-round standard capacity is advantageous in home or self-defense scenarios.
  • It’s a compact build, offering a happy medium between smaller, subcompact pistols and full-size builds (but this is true for multiple Glock models).
  • As one of the most popular models, aftermarket components for the Glock 19 are widely accessible. 

Which parts of a Glock can you customize?

Technically, you can replace just about any part of your Glock handgun with a custom aftermarket part. However, some of the most commonly customized Glock components are:

  • The barrel
  • The slide
  • The trigger
  • The back plate
  • The magazine

Are all Glock 19 parts interchangeable?

While most Glock 19 components are interchangeable, be aware of potential configuration changes between Glock generations. Read your pistol’s manual or specifications carefully before purchase to ensure compatibility with aftermarket parts and accessories.