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Red AR Parts

One of the best things about the AR platform in the US is that it has incredible aftermarket support. You can find various AR rifle parts in multiple colors and finishes. Most firearm owners go for a simple black finish on their firearm, or at most, they will choose other tactical colors like Gunmetal Grey, OD green, or Flat Dark Earth. However, you can get AR parts in other colors as well, and where they might not have any tactical advantage, they can upgrade the aesthetics of your rifle.

Red is quite a bold color to have on your AR. However, it is pretty amazing when you want to show off your rifle and make it stand out. You can go for a complete red finish, or you can also add red accents like most people.

Choosing AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts

What Kind of Red AR Parts Can You Get?

You can get almost any external AR part in a red finish, from handguards, pistol grips, and stocks, to upper and lower receivers. However, most shooters don't want completely red rifles. Instead, they opt for small red accents that make their rifle stand out from the crowd while not being too over the top.

These small parts like magazine release buttons, charging handles, and safety selectors are usually more common red AR parts. Some people may also opt for a bolt carrier group with a red finish. When the bolt is visible from the port door, it can also contribute to the red accents of the rifle.

Do Red AR Parts Have a Tactical Advantage?

Well, to put it in simple words, No. Red AR parts don't have a tactical advantage; they aren't made to improve your camouflage. In fact, they serve the opposite purpose by making your rifle more visible and bold.

Where Red AR parts aren't suitable for the battlefield in any way, they feel right at home in a shooting competition, gun show, shooting range, and firearms collection. These parts look cool on an AR and may even help you intimidate your competitors in a shooting competition.