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In any AR-style rifle, the bolt carrier group is one of the most important parts. Here we have a comprehensive collection of bolt carrier groups for AR-10 and  LR-308 rifles.

What Is The Difference Between AR-10 and LR-308 Rifles?

The AR-10 was the predecessor to the AR-15 and is chambered in 7.62x51 NATO or .308 Winchester. However, the name “AR-10” is a trademark of Armalite. Therefore, all AR-10 clones that are made by other manufacturers are called LR-308s. Both AR-10s and LR-308s have the same design, caliber, and operation; however, there is a lack of standardization among different manufacturers of the LR 308, which can sometimes cause parts compatibility issues among parts made from different manufacturers.

How Does An AR-10 or LR 308 Bolt Carrier Group Work?

Most AR-10s or LR-308s have a direct impingement gas system, which directly expels gasses from the fired cartridges onto the gas key of the bolt carrier group. This allows the bolt to unlock and move back. On its way back, it extracts the spent casing from the chamber and ejects it from the rifle. The bolt carrier group also recocks the hammer and moves back forward, picking a fresh cartridge from the magazine and loading it into the chamber.

What Parts Does An AR-10 Of LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group Have?

The bolt carrier group of an AR-10 or LR-308 is very similar to an AR-15 bolt carrier group. It has similar parts that are simply scaled up to work with the larger .308 Winchester caliber. The bolt carrier group consists of a bolt, bolt carrier, firing pin, ejector, extractor, and gas key.

These bolt carrier groups are crafted from the highest quality materials and are machined to precise specifications. They are designed to be extremely reliable and offer a smooth shooting experience.