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SIG P365 Parts

Over the last few years, the popularity of concealed carry micro 9 pistols has increased dramatically, and it was all started by the Sig P365. First introduced in 2018, the Sig P365 was the first concealed carry 9mm pistol with a high capacity of 10+1 rounds in such a small package. Being manufactured by Sig, it was also very reliable and accurate and, therefore, is the go-to option for concealed carriers all over the US and the world.

Considering its popularity, it makes sense why many aftermarket manufacturers make parts and accessories for the Sig P365. Though the factory Sig P365 is quite capable, adding some aftermarket parts can make it even better. These parts can improve their performance and even their aesthetics.

What Aftermarket Parts Can You Get for a Sig P365?

There are loads of aftermarket brands that make all kinds of parts for the Sig P365, from performance barrels, slides, and frames to smaller parts like extended magazine releases, fiber optic sights, and compensators. Here is a little more detail about the different parts you can buy for your Sig P365.

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Many manufacturers make a wide range of barrels for the Sig P365 and P365XL. Fluted barrels are lighter and better at heat dissipation. Some people also opt for threaded barrels, which allow them to install suppressors, compensators, and other muzzle devices on their Sig P365. Some manufacturers also make barrels with different finishes like chrome, gold, and crimson red, which add to the aesthetics of your pistol.


The factory slides on most Sig p365 may not have an optics cut, which is one of the main reasons some shooters buy aftermarket slides, which are optic-ready. You can also send your factory slide to a gunsmith to get an optics cut milled into it. However, that can be expensive and take a lot of time as well. Some aftermarket slides also have unique serrations and lightning cuts, which decrease the pistol's weight and can make it run a little faster. However, keep in mind that you may also need lighter springs for sides that are considerably lighter than the factory slide. Otherwise, you may have some reliability issues.


Having a nice set of sights is very important for any concealed carry or self-defense pistol. Though the factory night sights on a Sig P365 are pretty decent, many people opt to replace them with fiber optic sights that allow quick sight acquisition in all light conditions.

Trigger Groups:

The Sig P365 comes with a 6lbs factory trigger. Though this is a suitable weight for a self-defense pistol, some people prefer lighter triggers that they can manipulate more easily and shoot faster. Therefore, many manufacturers make lighter aftermarket triggers for the P365. You can also find triggers with different profiles and colors.

Magazine End Plates:

The Sig P365 is a very small pistol, which is why some people with larger hands can have a little difficulty controlling it. Therefore, some manufacturers also make custom end plates for Sig P365 magazines, which have an enlarged pinky extension.


Some shooters may also buy flared magwells for their Sig P365s, which can help them perform faster reloads in high-stress situations.